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The air is drier, the wind is beginning to blow, the leaves are beginning to rustle and even fall.

These are all signs of what is known in Ayurveda as “vata” season”. The word does not matter as much as the “qualities” I just mentioned. So with that said, what happens on the outside in nature happens on the “inside”, according to Ayurvedic understanding.  Constipation, dry skin, erratic thinking and a sense of ungroundedness are typical fall pitfalls. Ayurveda is all about aligning oursleves with our true nature and with nature on the outside.

Have you noticed people getting colds or sudden flus? The dry air can begin to loosen the mucosa in the body signaling it’s a time to cleanse.

Here are FOUR practical tips for the fall season:

  1. Massage your body daily with sesame oil in the morning before you shower. Take five to ten minutes to give yourself a full rubdown from head to toe or toe to head using oil that was warmed under running hot water( not microwaved or on the stove), connecting with the sacredness of your body. Wash private parts in the shower leaving a layer of oil on the skin. This practice protects the immune system, increases circulation,is anti-aging, uplifts mood,and is one of the most revered practices in the original texts of Ayurvedic medicine
  2. As mentioned last week, eat a diet of soups, cooked vegetables, dahl and kitchari to ease into winter.
  3. Revisit your daily practice of meditation even if it’s a few minutes of deep breathing or silence so you can connect with your inner voice. What is life without connecting with the soul. Ayurveda calls the soul the “atman”. Your body is like a car, your soul is the driver.Without the driver there is no body.  So do something that makes your soul sing!!! like dance….
  4. Your daily routine is key in this season. Balancing activity and rest  is a practical tool in today’s’ go go go society.If you go here and there you’ll feel  the effects of the wind such as anxiety, stress and spacey nous especially if your constitution is vata.

Essential oil Tip:

Use vetiver oil, two drops with sesame oil on feet to feel grounded and relaxed. Add a drop of lemon for freshness, detoxing and happy mood.

Easy Soup Recipe:

In large pot bring 6 cups water to boil or use vegetable stock, add chopped vegetables like sweet potato, rutabaga,  2-carrots,  2-celery, butternut squash… be creative here with fall veggies( you can even buy them chopped). In about twenty minutes you will have a hearty soup. You may add half cup coconut milk at end or last few minutes add greens like spinach. Then add spice mixture. Salt and pepper to taste. You can also add a handful of split mung beans to this recipe for protein and of course a little bit of noodles for comfort.

While the water is boiling

Saute’ 1/2 tsp cumin, coriander, fresh ginger, tumeric, cumin seeds , onion, garlic in one tbsp ghee. When veggies are soft add to soup at end.

Who said cooking is complicated??

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