Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders/ Quarterly Review

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If you were working for a company you would be asked to have a quarterly review.

Have you ever thought about your  health in this way? Ayurveda has!

Ayurveda teaches that the four seasons fall, winter, spring and summer have significant influences on all levels of our health; mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually. Each season ( quarter) has external qualities that directly affect the internal qualities of our health. For example: Fall with it’s dry, airy, light qualities can cause constipation, anxiety, ungroundedness and lack of stability both emotionally and mentally.

Here are 10 questions designed to help you get on track for optimal health:

  1. What goals did you accomplish in the first three-quarters of 2016?
  2. Why are these goals significant?
  3. How do they make you feel?
  4. What goals did you not achieve that you had intended to?
  5. What changes do you need to make to achieve them?
  6. In what area(s) do you need coaching or training?
  7. For the next 90 days, what further progress can you make toward your 90-day goals?
  8. What are your new 90-day goals?
  9. What are you resisting doing?How can you use your personal strengths to accomplish three needed actions each week to achieve your 90-day goals?

These questions are typical for a quarterly review and can easily be applied to your health.

One question I am often asked is ” do I eat according to the season or for my dosha?”.  the answer is BOTH, but a personalized approach is recommended. Ayurveda is NOT a one size fits all; it’s an ART.

If I have not seen you recently for a tongue and pulse evaluation let’s make a seasonal plan right for your body type so you feel good in your body end of this year.

I invite you in this month for a 30 or 60 minute session ( $95 or $175) so that you can make the end of the year a healthy success!! 

Essential Oil TipSpices, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ingredients

Nutmeg, a warming spice that characterizes this time of year.

Here are a three benefits:

  1. Nutmeg aids digestion. You can put a shake of nutmeg into your milk at night before bedtime. It’s soothing aroma calms the nerves and feels nice in the tummy.
  2. You may place two drops of nutmeg oil with a carrier oil such as sesame or jojoba on your feet or chest before bedtime to induce sleep. It’s great for insomnia!
  3. Nutmeg has particular compounds that support a healthy immune system. (Apply same as step 2.)Great to prepare for the winter months!
  4. Nutmeg supports the adrenal glands. This oil can be applied directly on your adrenals for stress relief.

Stewed Apple Crockpot recipe:

Apple, Red, Fruit, Fruits, Frisch 

Ten minute prep !

My all time favorite recipe from my grandmother ( can be eaten all year),  the smell of cooked apples in the morning is simply divine.

Apples contain Flavonoids:

Like many other fruits, apples have a high content of flavonoids, a type of antioxidant that may reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases, some cancers and other chronic conditions. In addition to the flavonoids, researchers at the Linus Pauling Institute have found that the fructose in apples increases uric acid production, which further helps antioxidant activity. According to researcher Silvina Lotito at the Linus Pauling Institute, apples contribute about 22 percent of the flavonoids consumed in an average diet in the United States.

Slice or chop 6-8 apples same or different varieties, peels on. ( kids prefer peels off).

I like Macoun apples mixed with granny smith. You can even add pears if you like . I throw in leftover blackberries too. Add cardamom to taste, a cinnamon stick, pinch of nutmeg. Sprinkle a tiny bit pink salt. You may also add a few raisins, chopped dates, and even some ginger. Be creative.

Set on high for four hours. It will make a mush and you can  eat first thing in the morning with ghee or top on oatmeal.  It can also make a healthy dessert with coconut or whipped cream.This will surely get you going!!

Pack your treasure chest with the wonderful jewels of Ayurveda!!


I hope to see you real soon.


Gedalia Genin

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