Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders/ Peace and Love

Dear friends,

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Ayurveda promotes balance of body/mind. Where does this balance take place? In the heart. A heart at peace is one heart. A heart with compassion and acceptance for oneself has compassion for others. A heart with revenge, bitterness, anger ,pride and unworthiness creates imbalance. Why not start today to find peace and love in your heart so you can give THAT this holiday season as your special gift.There is nothing more valuable than the human heart. Let’s not forget.

The inner qualities of peace and love really don’t change from one person to another. Whoever you are wherever you are,finding peace lies at the heart of human existence and spiritual quests.

How do we find time to reconnect with ourselves amidst a stimulating daily life?

Here are some tips for the holiday season from a recent article I wrote for the Jewish times.