Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders- Simply Spring!

Dear friends,

The first day of Spring is a special day in my life; my anniversary. Yesterday we celebrated 34 years! We’ve had the same ups and downs as everyone else but one thing we share that has sustained us is the practice of meditation. From the practice of meditation, I learned that I am in the right life, not the wrong one- sometimes thinking if I left to go somewhere else it might be better,( not because of my relationship but my own inner tendency). Although those tendencies can be hard at times especially when life puts you in situations you couldn’t possibly think you attracted the practice of meditation gives me the strength, faith and courage to move through each day with fierce love; to create, share and follow my own heart’s passions- knowing that my own inner state is what’s most important to cultivate and share. Like a gardener preparing the soil for the right conditions for growing plants, we often come to relationships with the weeds of the past needing to uproot and tend to the inner soil of our own being. Meditation is that soil- each day we can cultivate through our thoughts, feelings and actions new beginnings. In the end you still remain yourself but perhaps a better version. My husband’s unconditional love offered me the space to heal, grow and be myself. But of course, it takes effort coupled with grace- like the two wings of a bird.

Spring brings new opportunities, new beginnings and fresh energy to everything in life. Like my husband always said,” each day we can restart”.

Spring is simply a time for just that- in Ayurveda for cleansing and renewal. After the fatty and rich foods of Winter, we begin to return to eating lighter as the “liver, gall bladder” needs much of a break from the heaviness of winter- rich foods, meats stews, and sweet taste.

Here are three simple tips to bring lighter qualities to body/mind and spirit.

  1. Clean up your home space and let there be more space for energy flow. Ayurveda calls balancing energy in the home “Vastu”. Like the feng shui in Chinese medicine. Vastu offers tips on what direction your meditation room should face- which burner is best to cook your food- and what colors can compliment your energy. We had ours done by Heidi @http://awakenedenvironments.com/. She says “your space is your sanctuary”. I just redid my meditation space; found a new/old chair and set it up directionally for better energy flow.
  2.  Clean out your body. The simplest of approaches are to eliminate alcohol, dairy meat, sugar anything packaged and reduce coffee for a few weeks to signal your body you are lightening up. If you already do this, then a “kitchari” cleanse, or few days of  fresh juices and soups could be the kick starter. If you are tea drinker simply take fresh lemongrass  ( found at dekalb market) and put them in a pot of water – boil for ten minutes. Lemongrass benefits digestion so best drank with meals- increases digestion and absorption of food while reducing bloating, gas and reflux.
  3. This is a time to up the turmeric ante. Simply take 1/4 cup of turmeric and mix in bowl with half cup warm water- use wire whisk to make a paste- put in jar and use 1/2 tsp when cooking or in your nightime golden milk. Turmeric is best digested with a little fat like ghee or coconut oil and some black pepper. The ‘bitter” taste is cleansing in Ayurveda. Isn’t it beautiful that nature gives us dandelion greens, swiss chard, mustard greens, and kale to help detox our liver? Ayurveda teaches us that we are “nature” and that our bodies and mind respond to the elements- ether, air water, fire and earth. I get inspired by Sandra Ingerman’s talks and articles, a shaman, living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. To learn about shamanism go to https://www.shamanism.com/what-is-shamanism. She speaks of the need to “thank” the elements for what they offer us each day- the sun, moon, water, earth, the air we breathe and much more.http://www.sandraingerman.com/ Spring is a great time for that kind of renewal of spirit.

We simply tune into these approaches naturally, like flinging open the doors for fresh air, cleaning out a closet, repainting rooms or redoing kitchens but with conscious awareness to our own self , it can bring more joy and freshness into our lives.

Happy Spring, where a breath of fresh air and fragrance can feel like heaven!


Gedalia Genin



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