Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders- Can You Hear Your Inner Voice?

Dear friends,

Much is written and described on the spiritual path about the “small soft voice”- the inner voice that Ayurveda describes as the “Self”, or the “true self”. Much the way texting works with I phones sending instant messages to friends and family, we have inner texting/messaging that is going on all the time. Signs, signals, messages from strangers, children, a dog or cat, coworker, nature, a parent, messages that may be worth our attention are happening all the time. The question is; are we paying attention? Do you know you should be doing something but don’t do it? Is that the voice of the inner self? How do you know? What gets in the way?

 Ayurvedic practices are geared toward uncovering and discovering the “truth” of who we are aiming to balance us on all levels of our being so that we can remember who we are, return to wholeness, and heal. To heal according to Ayurveda is to regain memory of one’s self-finding our wholeness and totality; not through an approach of fixing broken parts. We can easily get lost in emotions such as sadness, grief, anxiety, worry, fear especially when we are faced with challenges such as losing a job, loved one, illness, loss of a pet or even a body part.But that is when the practices of meditation, prayer, faith, inner strength, and even humor are most needed. So don’t give up and don’t be distracted.
 At the heart of Ayurveda is the practice of “meditation” which gives us access to that quiet still voice that allows us to unwind our everyday mind of its chatter, judgments, and movement from one thing to another to a quiet place of listening and receptivity. However, sometimes it may not come in that form- you may get an impulse that feels more like enthusiasm.
 In Sanskrit, the word is “spanda” which means vibration- a cosmic impulse arising from the heart. It opens new doors to the whole spectrum of our lives, moving us out of inertia, dullness, and apathy to an awakened existence. Spanda brings back the ability to naturally center in the heart bringing joy to our lives. It was ‘spanda’ that led me to learn Marma. It was ‘spanda’ that moved me to paint and work with color and healing.Too often people wait for a huge sign from the universe to find answers when often it comes as a happy inclination, like a child who spontaneously skips or jumps.
What are ways you can access your inner voice and experience a vibrational upliftment or spanda?
These are three simple tips:
1. Pause- a simple temporary stop in action can be helpful while speaking to someone or when trying to make a decision-cultivating the patience to choose when it feels right instead of when you think you should. Pause from overthinking and over worrying.
2. The breath is always a good mitigator for anything. While taking a breath try to look in the other person’s eyes and really see them and look at them.
3. Trust your body and it’s signals- Trust your inner sense of things and pay attention.I once knew a stock was going to drop the next day and immediately sold it.
You are getting messaged all the time but are you listening? Surrendering our personal will to divine will is often what is needed to listen and be receptive. It takes trust and courage to listen to the inner Self- to the guidance and flow that is naturally within-  and it is there that you will find all the wealth you need.
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I hope you have a wonderful new Spring season taking a few moments each day to “pause”- because you are worthy!
Gedalia Genin