Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders- Are your “chakras” balanced?

Dear friends,

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Are you ready to see yourself not from just your flesh and bones makeup but from your “energetic” makeup?

This energy body according to Ayurvedic wisdom is called the “subtle body” and its centers lie along the base of the spine through the crown of the head in energetic forms similar to “wheels”  known as the “chakras”. These can be seen and felt by skilled healers.

Like the tires of a car, if we are running with full tires the car feels steady and grounded. If the tires have slow leaks then eventually they will collapse and become flat.

If the energy body has a leak or flat tire due to stress, anxiety, grief, loss, depression , trauma past or present, digestive issues hormonal imbalances, relationship issues , job issues and even identity issues then you will feel the symptoms on a physical level.

What mostly affects the energy body are our emotions  ,negative thoughts and beliefs.

Here are ten questions to ask yourself to see if one or more of Your chakras are out of balance?

  1. Do you feel ungrounded and spacey? have difficult focusing?
  2. Do you have a food disorder?
  3. Do you block your creativity and passion and make excuses for the future?
  4. Do you have digestive issues?
  5. Do you have difficulty asking for your needs to be met? even with close loved ones?
  6. Do you feel sad alot? anxious?depressed?
  7. Do you feel unworthy of being supported?
  8. Do you have feel strong intuition but do not follow it? or question it?
  9. Do you feel lack of energy and vitality?
  10. Do you feel bored and uninspired? do you postpone things you’d like to do?

If one or more of your answers are “yes” then it may be time for a Marma session. Marma unblocks the chakras gently and effectively so that your river of energy can flow freely. Blocked emotions may surface initially, memories of lossed loved ones or traumatic experiences may be shed at first; childhood events that you’ve not shared may need some healing or simply getting tuned up  like you do your car may be needed.

Like polishing gold, little by little your light begins to shine brighter.

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And the anti-ageing benefits of Marma for the skin are tremendous!

I choose to work with the chakras because in my life as I incorporated meditation, ayurveda, essential oils, herbs, yoga, breathing exercises, energy healing( which all affect the chakras); over time my perception of myself as well as the world around me became brighter and my creativity and healing gifts emerged.  In the pursuit of healing myself I’ve learned to help and guide others to heal themselves.

After all,  I believe,we as women are the ones who can change the world, one woman at a time!

Please read my testimonials @ http://8zq.e3b.mywebsitetransfer.com/testimonials/

 I’ve helped hundreds of women to date transform their lives . With the initial Marma assessment you will receive a chakra chart and some suggestions to stay in balance.

Another beautiful Ayurvedic balancing therapy is “shirodara”- warm oil poured onto third eye affecting the entire nervous system. I love this therapy and it can help relieve headaches and overall tension.

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I look forward to helping you , your family and friends feel the richness YOU deserve in your life.

Reminder; Eating a rainbow of colors in your diet will affect the chakras and increase your energy. Microwaved, leftover, dry and frozen foods all lack in vital energy. Better to have a simple meal that comes from the earth  than something out of the freezer labeled “healthy”.

I hope to see you soon,

Gedalia Genin

“transforming women’s health using natural modalities”