Ayurveda Tips and Reminders- Can Wearing Turquoise Benefit Your Health?

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turquoise necklace: A collection of Vintage Native American Jewelry made of turquoise, silver, pipe stone and Heishe beads. A Santo Domingo Depression Era Necklace, and Turquoise Nugget necklaces with silver beads, and Zuni and Navajo Cuff Bracelets, on a Grey Slate BackRelated image

Turquoise makes a striking necklace for the summer especially backdropped by white clothing. But it’s not only touted for fashion reasons, it’s healing properties dates back to Native Americans, Tibetans and as far back as the Egyptians. Regarded as a “universal stone”, from a holistic point of view turquoise may have healing effects for the body, mind, and spirit.( I certainly wear mine for my healing sessions.)GooglePickerAPI_Genin-marma-1It’s bluish green color is associated with the throat chakra, opening suppressed self-expression and in communicating one’s needs more easily.The throat chakra on a physical level is related to the thyroid gland, immune system and even may go as far as detoxing from radiation and other harmful toxins.Wearing a bracelet can be effective in enhancing energy for the entire body. Green is also the color of the heart chakra and turquoise has been known to open one up to feelings of love and compassion.

The best way to know is to try it for yourself.

Setting an intention while you wear it can amp the power. Intention is a directed thought toward a specific outcome or action. A study from the US National Library of Medicine says that the intention to heal promotes and influences the healing of oneself and others. In conclusion of this article ( Invest Clin Dec 2008) studies of thought and consciousness are emerging as fundamental aspects and not as mere epiphenomena that are rapidly leading to a profound change in the paradigms of Biology and Medicine.

Should I get any turquoise necklace?

A raw, unpolished stone is best when wearing gemstones leaving their natural marks of beauty.

How is this Ayurveda?
The chakra system, marma therapy, color, gemstones, were all born from this 5000-year-old integrative system of health long before diagnostic tools were available to measure frequency. Merging the best of eastern and western approaches, I believe is the optimal approach to being proactive with your health and well being!

Perhaps turquoise might be the perfect gift for anyone you know with cancer or other challenging immune issues! Just set your intention and visualize the outcome- no guarantees but certainly sending good energy beats fear and worry about someone. Don’t you agree?

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