Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders- Three Steps to Vital Energy

InstagramPhotoPicker_19534405_1564401513592778_5868373580718276608_nDear friends,


Image result for free photos of etheric bodyYou may think you’re made up of only flesh, and bones, joints, and tissues, muscles, and tendons but think twice.

You don’t just have a physical body.  You have many different bodies at different levels of consciousness. The physical, etheric, astral, mental, and even more subtle bodies.

The chakras are located in the etheric body, therefore clearing these energy pathways is vital to your health and will affect other levels of your being.

Whether you are vata, pitta or kapha dosha in Ayurveda this applies to you.The vital body or etheric body is essentially a transmitter of energies and not a generator; it is a clearing house for all the forces reaching the physical body, and the condition of the ‘etheric centers’ will largely determine the extent to which the relatively free flow of forces is affected. It is the receiver of life forces, transmitting them to the physical body through the nervous system, the bloodstream, and the endocrine system. In plain words, all your thoughts, feelings, memories ( past and present) affects the flow of energy from the etheric body to your entire being affecting your overall health.

I once worked with a client who previously had breast cancer. When I was giving her a Marma session I saw gray matter unraveling like a rope from her body leaving it. It was like a dirty river pouring from her being. This was a clearing from the etheric body. Often clients see colors during our Marma sessions- those centers are being activated providing fresh energy and renewed vitality to your body- it’s not weird.

You may clean your kitchen every day, you may tidy your bed every morning, put your shoes where they belong but do you clean yourself on the inside?

Here are three ways to clean your etheric body toward vital health:

  1. Meditation or guided visualization at least once per week. Meditation is like a fire- it begins to bring to light emotional tendencies simply because you become aware of them. By becoming aware you can make changes and become free from their grips. This take self-effort and self-inquiry that is not about self-abomination but a curious observer. There are plenty of meditation apps- 1.Head Space-2. Insight Timer ( free app) and You Tubes to listen to. Listen here to my three-minute meditation https://youtu.be/HsN8qY39Ccg ( refrain from listening or watching while driving).
  2. Gemstones or crystals- First, determine which chakra is out of balance. If you feel anger and resentment, hurt, grief, your heart chakra may need support. Rose quartz brings good energy flow to the heart. If you feel ungrounded, financially unstable, don’t feel like you belong then your root chakra may be imbalanced. Garnet or Obsidian supports the energy flow of the root chakra. If you feel low self confidence or have a hard time saying no, creating healthy boundaries, your solar plexus chakra may be imbalanced. Amber, supports the flow of energy to this chakra. Too much worry and overthinking blocks the crown chakra- amethyst can enhance energy flow to that center.Various stones affect the different chakras. You can have fun and visit a crystal store such as Phoenix and Dragon in Atlanta and choose colors that resonate for you. Your children will love this. Crystals can be worn as jewelry, placed in a room or office, or placed on the body while lying down and meditating. You can feel the pulsation of aliveness from these special gifts from nature.
  3. Bodywork- a Reiki session, Polarity therapy, Marma, a deep massage all release tension and clear the etheric body. At least once a month is a good plan for any of these modalities. If you learn how to use your hands for healing then you can also do it yourself along with seeing a skilled practitioner.

 Remember to honor yourself and try to do what is best for you in life, not what is best for others who may make unfair demands on your precious time. Don’t forget to keep a distance from people who drain your energy- by not inviting them into your life or taking on other people’s problems. And remember that every physical condition has its roots in the etheric body. You are the source of your healing potential. 

To learn more about the research of consciousness and healing visit http://noetic.org/

with warm regards,

Gedalia Genin