Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders- Party Time?

Dear friends,

Magnolia stock photo

I like to call May “magnolia month”. Magnolia tress are blooming in Atlanta and sharing their exquisite flowers and citrusy scents! I’ve been so delighted seeing these flowers.

At the same time many of us are celebrating graduations, weddings, moves and although it’s all fun it can disrupt our energy/doshas in Ayurveda.

Here are a five practical tips for being proactive about your upcoming events:

  1. For a day or two before you know you will be eating more than usual or offered to eat more than usual, eat lightly such as veggies, fruits,  or kitchari.
  2. Before going to the party or event chew on a slice of fresh ginger with a squeeze of lime juice to help kickstart your digestion.
  3. Dilute your glass of  wine with seltzer or sparkling water. This allows you to cut half the sugar from your drink and prolong your drinking time.
  4. After the party take a ‘triphala” by Banyan Botanicals or Organics of India. Triphala has many benefits but in this case helps to regulate elimination and improve digestion and absorption.
  5. Eat the “sweet” taste first, yes, eat your dessert first. The taste buds on the tongue are satified with the sweet taste and in this way you might find yourself eating less. Try it out and see for yourself. It also saves you from eating “more’ dessert at the end of the meal. Ofcourse you could not do this at a wedding!

Most importantly, enjoy your company , friends and new beginnings with all your heart!

Reminder;” Man is not measured by his possessions but how possessed he is by his possessions.”

(Quote from Gedalia)

 You are invited to these Exciting Upcoming Events:

1.Up for a yoga retreat close by in a beautiful setting?

Dahlonega Spa and Resort   You are welcome 1,2 or all three days.  I will be a guest presentor Friday afternoon on Ayurveda and the Chakras with a chakra meditation.

June 2-5th      Elizabeth Yates/ Fantastic Yoga teacher   to register call 404-210-6800 or email yogini2001@gmail.com

2. Yogathon  Chastain Park   Saturday May 21st  7am-2pm  will have booth- there come on and visit

3. A Holistic Approach to Grief and Loss Through Sound and Color-  better alternative to prozac ( not a depressing class at all)!

wednesday may 25th  6:30pm to 9:30pm   Cost: $75

The Heal Center  270 Carpenter Drive  5th floor

registration call 404-303-0007  Michael will gladly help you

Here’s what one participant said after the class:

My experience at the Grief and Loss Workshop was an enlightening one.   I had no idea how many types of Grief there were.  It made me aware of how it can all affect us differently. With the tools that Gedalia introduced to us in the workshop with sound and color, it was a wonderful introduction into learning how these two things can lead to a clearer mind and a path in to accepting what is.  And also learning in how they can help others around you who may be suffering from an obvious loss or a hidden one. Gedalia is a well informed healer and really has a genuine energy that is there to teach and support each of us. Excellent workshop!

with best regards,

Gedalia Genin

” transforming womens’ emotional health using natural modalities”