Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders- Setting Intentions

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Setting intentions is different than setting goals. A goal has a result or outcome in mind and an intention has a “quality” or “value” at heart.

An intention includes a state of “inner being”  like setting a mood or creating a sacred space.

Here are some examples of intentions:






There’s a saying that goes” Where attention goes energy flows”. If you find yourself repeating the same emotional patterns, relationships or mental stresses this might be a good time to set your inner intentions, aligning your heart and mind.

How is this Ayurvedic? Ayurveda means  “knowledge of life”; the knowledge from within that aligns us with our true nature. The doshas and quizzes are all fun but the “truth” behind it all is balance from within ourselves that projects to the world around us. That begins with intention!

What more powerful time than now to introduce this practice into our daily lives.


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