Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders- Why Aromatherapy?

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Before I ever practiced yoga I once found myself with a ruptured disk. It was the time of the “no pain no gain” era when weightlifting for women was the exercise of preference. I was totally into it. I was cut, lean and thought I was quite fit. However one day I got out of bed and out of the blue came this excruciating pain.Long story short I researched various options. I came upon a “tens” machine after going to a physical therapist (which I rented at home from a medical supply) and used it to send electrical impulses into my legs to increase energy flow and reduce pain. I also had an energy healer come to my home for reflexology. She brought with her a few essential oils to use on my back and legs. I had never used essential oils prior to her visit but after I tried them and found relief from pain I became hooked. She used Young Living Valor on my back and Roman Chamomile for the sciatica. This was my first introduction to aromatherapy- I am forever grateful. Six weeks later after sleeping in frog pose on the main level of my house- hanging from yoga ropes, using the tens machine daily, applying oils and praying like I’d never prayed before I was healed.  I do not wish this experience on anyone, but I sure learned a lot and found yoga( 28 years ago). I never just tip toe into something, if I like it I dive in with my whole heart and learn everything I can. As many of you know I love sharing essential oils for their many benefits for the whole family. I invite you to join me tomorrow night for a fun night about how essential oils can help YOU with allergies.( details below).

What are essential oils?

Essential oils come from various parts of plants – the seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, and fruit.  The oils heal by introducing into the human energy body the vibration of their unique trait, personality or character. They also assist the physical body to heal.

Essential oils are a form of vibrational medicine.

Why should we use them?

They support our emotional well-being by helping to reduce stress levels, pain and by strengthening our immune system.

According to Ayurveda, our sense of smell is a very powerful way to heal our body/mind and spirit. As we inhale the volatile molecules of oils our perceptions, memories, and emotions can change and it becomes aromatherapy. Isn’t it true that memories and impressions often are associated with smell or “olfaction”? When I think of Thanksgiving I immediately think of the smell of apple pie? The beach?- the salt air or maybe fresh caught fish. What comes to your mind? Our sense of smell can give us immediate good vibes. And the contrary is true as well.  Scientific research today is finding that losing one’s sense of smell can be associated with early Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimers. There are even dogs used to smell and detect ovarian cancer in women.

Ayurveda looks at balancing our health using warming, cooling, and invigorating oils depending on the season, our energy types and imbalance. For example a Vata type person prone to anxiety, fear and worry would benefit from Lavender, vanilla, ginger, while a Pitta type person prone to inflammation will benefit from sandalwood, sweet orange,ylang-ylang and a kapha type person who has tendency toward heaviness, sluggishness will benefit from stimulating oils such as eucalyptus, lemongrass, cypress. Of course always mixed with a carrier oil.

Spring time is considered “kapha” season where the elements of earth and water are predominant. Immune, allergies, asthma are some common concerns during this season. Tomorrow evening’s class will provide practical tips from Ayurveda and the art of aromatherapy to make this season more easeful for you and your family. You are warmly invited to bring your friends and family to this event.

Centre Spring MD  1407 Dresden Drive Brookhaven

7-8pm  Registration- $5  Call 404-528-1483

Hope to see you there.


Gedalia Genin