Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders/Combat Dry Skin

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The ” qualities” of late fall/early winter such as cold, light, dry, and windy may be affecting your skin and making it feel dry.

Here are three essential tips:

Oil Yourself Well

1.A warm oil massage in the morning before showering is one of Ayurveda’s ancient secrets to prevent aging and keep skin moist. This practice also protects the immune system, supports healthy mood and even can reduce blood sugar.Be careful not to slip in the shower using a rubber mat under your feet!

2. Nourish Yourself with Healthy Fats

Cooking with ghee alleviates constipation and promotes healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients. Ghee can also be used on toast or vegetables. It is a saturated fat so one tsp at a time is sufficient.Another option is to chop walnuts over veggies for added healthy fats or take a handful for a snack. Follow a warm, cooked, slightly oily diet ( three servings of fat daily) during the winter season.

3.Sip on warm water throughout the day to stay hydrated. It is easy to slack on drinking water in the wintertime.

Making it warm changes it up.

Warming Almond Milk  Morning Drink Recipealmond milk: Jug and glass cup with almond milk on the wooden table Stock Photo

Warm one cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk in a small pan with fresh chunks of ginger, cinnamon stick and cardamom. Let steep for about five minutes  then add fresh brewed coffee.

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