Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

There is something very healing about making your own soup. You don’t even have to have all the right ingredients as with soup you can just about put anything in and make it fun. This all takes about half hour and you have wonderful dinner. Soup making is also very grounding.

Here’s a simple  Vegetable Soup recipe; with approximate amounts:

Saute in olive oil or ghee ( about two Tbsp) an onion, a few cloves of garlic. when onion begins to become clear in a few minutes add organic chopped carrots  ( two- three sticks), celery ( two sticks), one tsp curry powder, saute a few minutes then add 4-6 cups organic chicken broth or spring water, 1/2 cup split mung beans ( preferably soaked for fifteen minutes ahead in boiling water) add any vegetables you have like potatoes, turnips, or a sweet potato and bring to boil. Reduce heat to simmer for about half hour almost covered- add pink salt, and pepper. In last ten  minutes you can add a handful of kale or spinach. Add water if needed and a pinch of cayenne and a Tbsp or two of prepared tomato/basil sauce.

I like to top veggie soup with a little sheep milk feta on top; if you can have dairy. A squeeze of lime and cilantro pesto or fresh cilantro. Some fresh cornbread goes great or G/F tortillas with ghee.

Who said cooking takes so long?

Reminders; as the trees “let go” of their leaves so effortlessly; take a lesson from  nature and discard anything you don’t need emotion ally from your life. Trees are not attached.


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