Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

The current topic is ‘vitality”. A few weeks ago we talked about ‘ojas”, what it means and how to increase it.

Let’s continue with the second subtle energy that governs vitality according to Ayurveda which is “prana”.

Prana meaning life force or vital energy is necessary for all life. Without it we would be dead. Prana , literally meaning “breath”  is comparable to the words chi, qi, ka, and ruach hakodesh in other traditions. This vital energy is located in various places in the body but for the purpose of this blog I’d like to share the main channel in which prana flows-   the spine.  Would you have guessed that?

Prana or our life force energy lies in the subtle body along the spine called the “sushumna” in sanskrit and flows through the “chakras”. If you’re chakras are blocked you may experience symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, low thyroid, indigestion, constipation, lack of trust, fear, anxiety, reproductive issues, hormonal imbalances, depression, just to name a few. Anything you feel physically is simultaneously going on energetically and vise verse. This is a fact. So the proper flow of prana is essential for vitality.

How do you increase prana? One way is through pranayama; breathing exercises that enhance this vital energy flow. You might be saying , yes I know those; or someone once told me to practice those etc etc. But actually doing them is different. Five to eight minutes a day on an empty stomach is all it takes. It’s best after waking after applying nasal oil. My husband does 500 reps every morning of pranayama; a true yogi!

I often share these breathing exercises at my Marma sessions with women. Marma is the energy healing of Ayurveda that improves pranic flow. Receiving Marma therapy is the second practice for enhancing prana.

I practice this rare , ancient and most effective therapy at Atlanta Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine. I am so grateful to work with  an MD. who understands the value of Marma therapy for optimal health and recognizes the body’s ability to heal given proper energy flow. I invite you to experience Marma so that Your river of energy can flow freely.

In my sessions with women I share the best breathing exercises for your energy type.

After a hot summer it’s a perfect time to revitalize  and restore your energy! Fall can be very energizing but at the same time we need the proper balance and practices to prepare for the winter season so that our immune system is strong and vital.

If you want to witness prana at it’s premium, visit a children’s playground and watch them jump and play. This is prana.

Can you feel it?


Namaste’ and hope to see you soon,