Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

We have been talking about the forces that create vitality, clarity, and endurance.  To review, first was prana-life force which coordinates the breath, the senses, and the mind. Prana is responsible for enthusiasm ; like children playing in a playground. It is the subtle energy of air. One can enhance prana through breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, exercise and Marma therapy. Good prana helps us move through the challenges of life!

The second energy is ojas- primal vigor which is the result of digested food, impressions and thoughts. It provides psychological stability and endurance. It is the subtle energy of water. A person with healthy ojas has clear skin, radiant complexion, energy, enthusiasm, creativity, mental clarity, and serenity. Ojas are responsible for strong immunity, longevity and radiant health. Undereating and overeating can diminish ojas.

The third subtle energy is tejas- inner radiance; luster in the eyes, glow or aura, clarity, and understanding. It is the subtle energy of fire through which we digest thoughts and impressions. It enables the mind to perceive and judge correctly. Fire gives warmth, courage, fearlessness, insight, and intelligence.

What increases tejas?

Bright colors increase tejas including white (just not overly bright). Dark colors and emotional imbalances diminish tejas. Visualize the saffron robes of the Dali Lama.  You can increase tejas by meditating on a ghee flame or a golden light. For healthy tejas one can meditate, enforce positive thinking and avoid gossip and excessive talking.

Prana, tejas and ojas are the vital essences and subtle partners to vata, pitta and kapha; the energy types of Ayurveda.

I hope you’ve been inspired to live a vibrant life! And don’t say “I can’t meditate”… you can!