Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

There was once a time where people lived by the regular rhythms of the day.  such as the rising of the sun, the setting of the sun, and the phases of the moon. In some parts of the world such as in the Peruvian forests this still exists. In our daily lives where the lists and responsibilities go on, especially for women, ‘regularity” and ritual can easily get lost. Isn’t there comfort when you go somewhere where there is a daily routine? even  a hotel.. breakfast at a certain time, tea time or even a twilight cruise.   I remember as a child visiting my grandparents every Sunday and looking forward to seeing them and eating the food they made . The word “routine” can sound scary to some perhaps thinking that it leaves out flexibility.The definition of routine actually means” the performing of certain actions on a regular basis”.

“Regularity” is the key word here. Ayurveda being an earth based, seasonal and rhythmic science of health encourages daily rituals as a way to move toward balance and wholeness in our daily lives. Living in tune with nature both within and out brings wholeness and balance. I encourage you to create some daily rituals that invite moments of self awareness and sacredness into your day. With the season of ‘vata” here expressing qualities such as dryness, cold, lightness,  and airy we can easily be affected with symptoms such as feeling distracted, constipated, emotionally unstable, staying up late,  and having insomnia.

Whether you choose to scrape your tongue after waking, apply nasya to your nose, oil your body before showering or do some breathing exercises or simply walk every day; meditate before you children come home, or have a cup of tea and apply essential oil and rest in the afternoon , I encourage you to bring some ‘regularity’ into your daily lives( and don’t mean driving into Starbucks at 3pm every day).. Setting aside time for your art, writing, reading and creativity is most welcomed… Make something regular your own, look forward to it and enjoy it!

In my experience it’s one of the keys to graceful living.