Ayurvedic Tips

Dear friends,

In support of your pursuit toward balance, each Monday I will be offering Weekly Ayurvedic Tips and reminders to include in your daily life. By bringing awareness to ‘self care’ you are not only helping yourself but you are modeling for future generations what it means to begin with “You”.
To be in balance with your own nature and nature outside is at the heart of Ayurvedic wellness. .

For Vata types- (dry tendency)- Meditate daily for five minutes morning and evening. Practice effortless meditation without ‘trying’ to still the mind; instead let it unravel into it’s true nature, peace and tranquility. Being” regular” supports vata types.

For Pitta types (fiery tendency)- Spend time in nature to soothe the mind and emotions.

For Kapha Types-(heavy tendency)- Spring is ‘kapha season’ aggravating allergies, hay fever. This is a good time for Spring Cleaning inside and out. Avoid dairy and heavy foods like meat. Visit me for more tips on Ayurvedic cleansing and how to get started.

**Reminder to all energy types to follow “kapha” pacifying foods as well during spring season as mentioned above. Continue “Marma” therapy to “tune” up body, mind and spirit.

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Enjoy the Spring light and flowers,