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Welcome to the New Year 2011!!

As Oprey Winfrey has stated on her new network  ” this is the year to OWN your life”

A panel of three experts we all know, Dr. Phil on relationships, Suzie Orman on financial health and Dr. Oz on physical health answered the most voted questions from audience polls around the country. Although not expressed literally on the show, these “all stars” actually represented three aspects of health that Ayurveda, a five thousand year old system of daily living from India has understood before westerners. Ayurveda can be practiced successfully by anyone for the achievement of longevity and BALANCED health; including creativity and self realization.

One of America’s biggest concerns about health for Dr. Oz was “pooping”. Yes, national TV showed a video of where food travels  thru the digestive tract before it’s eliminated.  To solve one of America’s biggest health problems, constipation,Dr. Oz spoke of the importance of “fiber” in the diet for  daily success in eliminating food; drinking half your body weight in ounces of water and the use of  “aloe vera juice” for daily cleansing of the colon and alleviation of acid reflux.  Fiber will help keep you full longer and help you eat less. 35-50 grams of fiber is recommended daily from both soluble and insoluble sources.Fiber helps to reduce fat and  cholesterol and it may lower blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

Ninety to ninety eight percent pure Aloe vera juice is known to aid in the healing of stomach ulcers, constipation, colitis,hemorroids and all colon problems. Excellent results can be obtained by combining physillium husk powder and aloe vera juice for cleansing the colon. Aloe vera not only has a healing effect but, but if constipation or diarrhea is present it will return the stools to normal.

The Ayurvedic counterpart for cleaning the colon is “TRIPHALA” ; a very safe gentle combination of three fruits that also helps to balance your constitution. See Dr. Vasant Lad’s Book “Ayurveda “The Science of Self Healing to learn more about your Ayurvedic constitution. Triphala comes in capsules or powder and is safe to use longterm to cleanse the colon on a daily basis.

Willner Chemists Atlanta has several Ayurvedic remedies formulated by Planetary herbs. Also see Vivicol, an herbal tea used for flus and colds.

Thank you for reading the “A” of the new year and please post your questions or concerns.