Building Ojas

Who doesn’t strive for more vim and vigor in their lives? The Sanskrit term for this quality is ” ojas”.  When we have strength, happiness, and good immunity we are likely having good ojas. What are some signs of good ojas? Glowing skin, a sparkle in the eyes, ample energy, no aches and pains, mental clarity, creativity, happiness, and joy. On an emotional level anxiety, depression, negativity, and loneliness can decrease ojas.
In a time where there are many threats to our ecosystem and other key areas of our existence, I feel it’s key on a personal level to choose some of these ojas building practices.
In a nutshell, how can we increase ojas through our diet? Ghee, avocado, dates( soaked), mung beans, turnips, sweet potato, zucchini, tofu, nuts, fresh fruit ( in the morning), whole grains, bananas and chyvanprash (Ayurvedic jam).
What can we do physically? Practice meditation, hatha yoga, breathwork, practice gratitude, surrender, and small acts of kindness.
I will add http://samafoodforbalance , Shannon has created a juice called” ojas”.. may want to check it out.
Also if you are looking for glowing skin, the practice of body massage ( abhyanga) and applying nasya oil increases ojas.
Check out http://suryabymartha Martha has an Ayurvedic Spa in Los Angeles and has developed a skin care line and body massage oils based in Ayurveda- she just landed a spot at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. Very excited for her. Her skincare line is gorgeous. Can also follow her on Instagram.
Self care is an act of self-love. When your light glows you light up others around you. It matters.