Since my purpose is to talk about moving toward a more “wholesome” understanding of health, let’s look at  the ‘chakras”.In other words ‘wheels of light”. This not woowoo stuff we are talking about here but the ‘electromagnetic field” that is generated by these spinning chakras more related to science than i can possibly describe in quantum physics.

Where are the chakras? Each of the seven chakras make up the energy anatomy of the body.  In Carolyn Myss’s book “Anatomy of the Spirit she describes a mental, emotional ,physical  creative,component of  each of the chakras as well as correlates the organs that are associated with the chakras. Simply put, enlightenment and good health require the free flow of the life force ( prana) and the proper balance between these seven major energy hubs(chakras). This movement of energy opens up the pathways of the endocrine system( balancing hormones),relaxes the nervous sytem which is responsible for our fight or flight mechanisms ( reduces stress), and moves energy into the brain both the reptilean brain which holds past traumas and experiences as well as the pituitary and pineal which are required for major functions of the body.  So with this understanding of our totality we can see that health has such a more expanded picture than a set of rules to eat by or exercises to follow.Our thoughts, emotions , actions, memories all creat this field of energy that we are.

 So when we refer to the energy moving from chakra to chakra, or through the body, it is understood that this energy is being carried by moving electromagnetic fields. When we refer to the color of energy or frequency, we mean the color of the energy or chakra as defined by the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation being emitted at that location..Each of the Chakras has a color . The colors emulate the colors of the rainbow as our vibrational frequency is light. First Chakra or Root Chakra is located between the anal glands and reproductive glands and is the color RED;the second chakra located below the navel is the color ORANGE;the third at the abdomen is the color YELLOW; the fourth chakra located in the heart center is the color GREEN and  or PINK; the fifth chakra at the base of the neck and throat is BLUE; the sixth between the eyes is the color INDIGO and at the Crown of the head the chakra color is VIOLET.

How did it feel just thinking of yourself in this way? To add to that there are even SOUNDS to each of the chakras and this practice is known as “TONING”. I studied with Joy Gardner Gordon who has a wonderful CD called “Tuning the Chakras” and this practice can be done at home as a way to balance your energy. It’s wonderful to discover your voice and  give yourself an energetic tuneup.

We each have a unique vibratory energy. By discovering it your life will become more wholesome and  and feel  your vitality and creativity .Don’t just limit yourself to a set of rules at the gym or a diet that someone else dictates… you are so much more… live purpose-fully!!

Visit my chakra chart on the “Vibrational Energy” page of my website to learn more. Also “Wheels of Light” by Rosalyn Bruyere is a great book and so is “Hands of Light” by Barbara Brennon. Cd, Why People Don’t Heal by Carolyn Myss.