Babies Health…pre conception

Healthy BabiesSo much emphasis has been placed on a woman’s habits during her pregnancy but what about what she’s eating ,thinking and feeling before she conceives? Think about it. This is not meant to make you feel guilty about what already happened in the past but to actually think of how this could impact our society is profound. The notion of starting life with a more  equipped vessel to fullfill our inner potential is simply awesome. This is not something to ponder quickly, but in the context of a blog which is really meant to be a conversation I invite you to share your comments and thoughts. It thrills me to think that we could be talking about a society that has an early potential for enlightenment; self- realization. These terms are not  “lofty “meant just for someone who meditates, practices yoga or who has been born with the destiny of Buddha. But what about thinking about enlightenment as our natural physiological state?  What if our health from the get go included already feeling into our highest potential because our  brains  body and endocrine system were constructed from the best foods, the highest thoughts and the most loving feelings?? Can you imagine such a society? let’s imagine it because we can make it happen.

Please visit  for information about the best foods/lifestyle to adapt preconception. Read the codliver oil article and soy alert article and others there that you will find. Also you can visit    and learn more about rational spirituality and enlightenment from a physiological standpoint/ as our natural state. How to cutlivate it day to day; how can we align our thoughts, feelings and service with our inner state. A broader picture of health that I would like to focus on for the enrichment of our future as a whole.