As a female I don’t remember being told I had to be strong, I had to have courage. I also don’t think my brothers were told that either ,but perhaps it is more expected in males. It was quite the opposite. I was raised by a mother who promoted the ” good girl’ behavior, the ” don’t make waves”, and “stay quiet” model. ( as a result a definite numbing of a few chakras).
I never fit into any of those boxes and spent my life from teenagehood seeking to break through that conditioning to find my true self. And lo and behold that true self turned out to be strong, courageous, steadfast, and outspoken.
I shortened the journey in this blog to make a point about courage. And you know if you’ve read my book that my grandmother modeled a source of strength to me, so I wasn’t out of a template completely.
Courage is not necessarily the absence of fear but the ability to respond and move forward in spite of the fear.
Courageous women keep going even when life throws a curveball. They have the inner strength to keep going even when it’s hard in order to stay true to oneself.
I’ve realized recently that courage involves the small things we do every day as well- like getting up in the morning- getting our kids off to school-choosing to go to a yoga class or meditate, even when you have a list of things to do- cook a meal rather than be lazy- give birth- adopt a child- pen a story-speak up at school.
I think it’s important to acknowledge the courage and strength in ourselves as women. You don’t have to be a great leader to have courage because you are enough as you are.
Think about it, reflect on it. It is the women in our country who are making the most difference. Isn’t it true?
You have the courage to be who you are in spite of what your mother may have told you. It’s inherent in your true nature.

with fierce love,