Finding Balance

In a very distracted world here are some simple ways to regain balance:

* Create time during the day to sit in nature. Like finding a local park and sitting on a bench just being. (shut phone off)!

*Before showering, rub oil vigorously on the body, starting with the feet and moving in upward strokes all the way to the scalp. Shower and only soap where needed. This provides a protective layer to the body both supporting the immune system and creating balance.

*When you notice yourself going into stressful thoughts and emotions, catch yourself and offer loving compassion to your body from your spirit.

* Create a “sacred” space in your home where you can sit for meditation. It will come naturally if you simply watch the breath for a few minutes. You can repeat the “So-Ham” mantra.. the sound of the incoming anf outgoing breath.. be patient… you can’t run a marathon in a day.. try a few minutes each day.. the time will naturally extend.

* At the end of the day, before sleep ,think of everything you are grateful for and feel that love.

*Pursue something you always wanted to try.. don’t wait for the right time.. it’s NOW. Like a jewelry making class.. cooking class or pottery to ground oneself. Creative outlets bring JOY to the indwelling spirit.. This is not an indulgence, it’s a necessity!

* Nurture yourself by cooking a warm meal. Crock pots are easy for anything from cooked fruit for your morning waffle.. or some nice ratatouille, or delicious pot raost with sweet potatoes. Nothing like coming home to a house smelling delicious.

* Wear essential oils instead of perfume to get the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. So easy!  Use Young Living oils as they are the best!

* Most of all create more time for REST… Sleep a minimum of 8-9 hours. Take an Epsom Salt Bath before bed.. rub some “Bringaraj” oil on the scalp.. ( from the Ayurvedic Inst. in Albuquerque)  and Sweet Dreams!

It’s the Small things every day that you can do for your health that offer the MOST benefits over time. Our culture has a tendency to everything in extreme…. it’s the little things that count!! They are the jewels for your treasre chest.



Dr. Gedaliah