Four reasons to Keep Flowers Inside Your Home

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see many pictures of flowers. Why? Not only do I love the colors and shapes but I marvel at the inside of some of the blooms that look like mandalas. Flowers reflect to me the beauty and bounty of nature, the wonder of creation, and the non attachment of these delicate gifts that show their beauty then disappear. They are simply gorgeous and uplifting with their scents and shapes. My healing school teacher, Dr. Michael Mamas ( used to say this about healing; ” You wouldn’t pry open a rose with a wrench”; eluding to the healing process as delicate, a process of removing one petal at a time, with gentility, compassion and patience. This phrase stayed with me as metaphor for healing. Flowers represent, hope, love, celebration, reverence, sacredness, joy and beauty. These are four reasons to keep flowers inside your home or office: 1.Peace lilies and bromelias can actually remove harmful toxins from the air according to some studies. Because they give off oxygen they can actually improve a night’s sleep. Jasmine, lilacs, gardenias are some of the most scented flowers to display indoors. 2. Flowers can actually uplift your mood and thinking founded in a 2006 study at Harvard by Nancy Etcoff. ( 3. Flowers make you think and feel better. They help to reduce stress and anxiety simply by looking at them! In this study ( they found that flowers can reduce anxiety, fatigue and lower blood pressure. How easy is that? 4. Flowers can enhance your d├ęcor. A vase of fresh flowers on a coffee table can compliment or contrast the colors in your home. They make you smile and bring happiness. In these dark times flowers can bring light and love into your heart!