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How to Boost Your Energy Frequency: Marma & Essential Oils

**Please note that the following information is not meant to replace your visit with your doctor nor to imply the discontinued use of any medication you might be currently taking.** 

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“Ayurveda accurately described the human energy system and depicted in detail where the main energy centers in the body are located and how they work.Correcting imbalances in one’s energy centers fine-tune a person’s physical, emotional and mental health. If we can keep the frequency in the body high enough, and well oxygenated, we can remain disease free.” — Excerpt from “Enough Drugs! I am a Woman and Can heal Naturally.”

What is frequency?

All matter in the universe is energy. Energy can be measured in frequency and is used to explain the rate at which all things vibrate. Everything has a vibration frequency, which can be measured in Hertz (Hz). The normal frequency of the human body is 62-68MHz, but when it drops below that, we are subject to disease. These electromagnetic frequencies have been researched for over a hundred years.

This past week at the gemstone event at Topaz Gallery, we explored the frequencies of colored gemstones and how they relate to energy and the chakras, including:

  • Amethyst can be used for headaches and for protection when traveling
  • Pearl for emotional well being
  • Turquoise for immune and respiratory health
  • Citrine for prosperity and abundance
  • Rose quartz for grief and as a cardiac support promoting love and compassion along with diamond for romance
  • Carnelian for stimulation and to help alleviate lower back aches
  • Lapis for communication.

These are just a few examples. But how do you use them? I’m glad you asked:

  1. Wear gemstones as jewelry.
  2. Place stones in your living area, bedroom or office.
  3. Hold the stones during meditation or when traveling — if you’re at work, place them in your pocket.

How can I raise my frequency?

Essential Oils

These gifts from nature are known to possess the highest frequency of any substance known to man! Rose oil is the most common essential oil for Valentines Day, but I also like geranium, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and patchouli.

You can wear these as you would a perfume by placing 1-2 drops of a single oil in the palm of your hand and adding a carrier oil such as sesame or fractionated coconut oil (about quarter size). Mix together in your palms and place on your wrist, behind your neck or directly over your heart. You’ll be sure to have people ask what you are wearing.

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Marma Energy Therapy

A rare healing modality originating from Ayurveda, Marma has all the benefits of acupuncture with no needles. In fact, acupuncture was developed after Marma using many of the same points.

Marma means “entry points.” Each of the Marma points, or acupressure points, are like doorways into the body affecting the energy flow of the endocrine system and organs, while improving the body, mind, and spirit’s energy, leaving one feeling relaxed, grounded, centered, clear-minded, and uplifted.

Marma healing supports the body to release endorphins (the same ones as when you run), including seratonin and melatonin. In fact, after studying energy healing for four years in a unique school in San Diego and being a Reiki Master, it wasn’t until I discovered Marma that I truly enjoyed seeing the benefits of healing with clients. The effects of Marma are lasting and I see a profound change in women week after week. This therapy will certainly give you good vibes and help raise your frequency!

For the month of February, CentreSpring MD is offering $25 off a one-hour session entitled “Holistic Stress Management” which includes Marma and essential oils and is guaranteed to raise your frequency. Book now and refer a friend to receive a $25 credit toward anything at the Spa or medical office!

For more information about how vibrational medicine can heal, check out my new book “Enough Drugs! I Am A Woman And Can Heal Naturally: A Practical Guide to Feeling Your Best.” Also, learn more about “Why People Take Drugs” in “The Well Being Journal” (Jan- Feb issue) at Whole Foods Market.

Here’s what readers are saying about “Enough Drugs! I am a Woman and Can Heal Naturally: A Practical Guide to Feeling Your Best:”

“Ancient Ayurvedic marma therapy is a non-invasive, healing art that unfolds inner healing. This is a good book for healing the women’s health issues with marma therapy. Marma points are the pathway of the inner pharmacy.” — Vasant Lad, BAM&S, MASc, Ayurvedic Physician & Author of Ayurveda: Science of Self-Healing, Textbook of Ayurveda series.

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