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How to Take Care of Your Heart Chakra: 10 Ingredients for a Healthy Heart

Dear Friends,

Thank you for a successful book launch celebration! I felt your support and enthusiasm in creating new beginnings and pathways with the book  the moon was reflecting just that. For those who could not attend, I received many heartfelt notes and well wishes, even from clients who have moved out of state and even the country.

If you missed last week don’t fret — you have a chance to stop by this Saturday at the Topaz Gallery (Details on the attached flyer.)


Gedalia's Gemstone Discussion & Book SigningFor starters, gemstones are simply gorgeous! They’ve been used to restore, protect and energize the body/mind for thousands of years. Although gemstones don’t have scientific evidence of their efficacy in healing, shamans, priests, and healers have used them in all traditions dating back to the Egyptians. One client, who has severe hot flashes, repeatedly asks me if I cooled the stones before putting them on her body — as they did just that — cool her off.
Gemstones, being imbued with light and living energy from the earth, can be used in various ways to balance the chakras and uplift the body/mind.

Join me in discovering how you can use gemstones to enhance your well being. You can even win a raffle for a free 30 minute gemstone consultation!

February is Heart Health Month

Cardiovascular health is central (literally) to our overall health. Pioneers in the field of health such as Dr. Dean Ornish have mapped out key principles to take care of the heart “organ.”

However, Eastern medicine and Ayurveda view the heart “chakra” as not just an organ, but a powerful subtle energy station central to your overall energy and vitality. This chakra is actually the main channel for 10 significant body/mind pathways. It is called “Anahata”  meaning “unstruck” and is governed by the air element, Vata.

So why pay attention?

The heart chakra is associated with the following 6 psychological and behavioral characteristics:

  • The capacity to love (not just romantic love) and the sense of feeling connected to others.
  • Integration  feeling grounded and centered in your heart at the same time.
  • Transcending personal identity and limitations of the ego  striving toward forgiveness, compassion, empathy, generosity, and kindness.
  • Heart-centered discernment — the healthy boundaries and staying away from negative people and jobs.
  • Appreciation of beauty in all things — especially the beauty in nature.
  • Experiencing deep and meaningful relationships.

What are the ingredients to enhance your heart? Let’s take a look:

  • Work with the breath to balance your energy  simply ten belly breaths in the morning can bring awareness and act as a jumper cable for your heart.
  • Cultivate your appreciation for beauty, whether it’s in nature, people or the arts.
  • Practice self-care and love your body  this may include a good bath with a rose essential oil to a yoga class with back bending poses to open the heart.
  • Cultivate self-compassion and acceptance, especially with regards to your emotions and body. Notice your thoughts.
  • Engage in activities that feed your heart  dance, read or write poetry, take up Tai chi or sit in your garden room and look at nature.
  • Focus on receiving if you are naturally inclined to be a giver; and on giving if you’re more inclined to receive.
  • Reflect on old wounds inherited from family relationships and come to terms with them compassionately  you can write about them in your journal or speak to someone who can simply listen.
  • Express your gratitude, even if it’s in silence; you can be grateful for the presence of other people in your life or simply for good things that make your life easier and happier. Begin by saying thank you to anyone you can.
  • Wear gemstones such as rose quartz, jade, and fluorite; just seeing the beauty is OK too.
  • Wear oils such as rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, and eucalyptus to clear the lungs and enhance the breath.

Green Coffee Beans (not the pills)

Green coffee beans: heart healthy habits

Love coffee but hate the jitters? try green coffee — it’s unroasted and has five excellent health benefits:

  • It contains a substance called Chlorogenic Acid, which is believed to be responsible for weight loss effects.
  • It can lower blood pressure.
  • It can decrease blood sugar levels.
  • It can improve mood and focus.
  • It has high antioxidant content which translates to anti-aging qualities.

They are a bit rough when you grind them with the water, appearing a light green. Green coffee also lacks the aroma of a good French coffee but the benefits might outweigh the downside. Please check with your doctor before taking any stimulant, especially if you have fatigue, high or low blood pressure, or on medications.

Read more about national health research on green coffee beans.

Final Thoughts

To increase energy, vitality, and regularity in a delicious way, check out the stewed apple recipe on my Instagram.

Read my recent article in The Power of Time  a magazine of pure beauty and enlightenment.

Finally, another big thank you for your five star Amazon book reviews:

“I was diagnosed with Candida and I was going the holistic route. This book gave me all the tools and more into how to heal myself by using different modalities. It is easy to follow and I use it as a reference book often. I never thought that all these different things that she mentions in the book can really affect our healing. I was so tired of going to a prescription/pill. I wanted to get to the root of the cause. This book really helped me figure that out. I recommend to any woman or man that is trying to find the solution to healing your body naturally. Our body had the ability to heal itself. And it is SOOOO AFFORDABLE!!! :)” — D.M. Olson, review for “Enough Drugs! I am a Woman and Can Heal Naturally: A Practical Guide to Feeling Your Best.”

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