Health- The “All Inclusive” Package please..

Just like those travel  resorts that are “all inclusive”, meaning your meals, room, use of facilities are included  in the sum total of what you pay, in the same way we can apply  the “all inclusive” package to define the meaning of health. Let’s look at that …please .

Is your symptom in the “ala carte” package of  your overall health or is it included in the “whole” picture? is your stomach upset separate from what you eat and how you combine your food? do you lack sleep because you use the computer too late and have no nighttime rituals, like bathing in epsom salts with some lavendar essential oils? When you go go go all day and get exhausted do you include wheatgrass or a superfood in your lifestyle or is coffee or starbucks your answer?

do you see what i mean?

Is the spider separate from the web?

It’s obvious from what people are suffering from these days that “lifestyle” plays a big part in the all inclusive package of health.

Here are a few suggestions that will allow you to include your Whole SElf into your day:

Meditate just nine minutes a day either morning or night. Don’t say you can’t . You can. Just sit and watch your breath and ALLOW it to happen naturally.Can you run a marathon the first time out?

Add a few “superfoods” into your daily routine lik spirulina,  chlorella,royal jelly, chia seeds.These will enhance your energy.

Use “triphala” an Ayurvedic herb that can be used safely on an ongoing basis to cleanse the colon and detoxify daily. (Planetary herbs).This can help some of your digestion problems.

Use an aromatherapy diffuser to diffuse essential oils in your environment. They are uplifting to the emotions as well as provide antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral properties to support the immune system.

Dedicate your work to serve others-  treat others kindly and as if they were you.

take a few minutes and watch the birds- marvel at how they keep singing no matter what

take ten minutes and draw or paint

cook some fresh food daily

look around and feel the abundance in your life ;breathe in gratitude  ;breath out stress

do your best each day

Prevention is best accomplished by the little  lifestyle habits which support health.

Remember you are not your job, a wife, a husband, sister or brother,  you are “divine” energy in the perfect expression of YOU!!  Make your life a blessing.