Immune Health- Can you Measure it?

It isn’t easy to measure immune health. There isn’t a test that you can get from your doctor   YET, that measures immune health.  The following are just  a few questions you can ask yourself to see if your immune system needs a boost.

1. Do you get long lasting, chronic infections, respiratory problems or allergies?

2. Do you have or have you had chroninc fatigue, fibromyalgia or Hashimoto’s?

3.Do you have chronic diarrhea, constipation or I.B. S.?

4. Do you have diabetes or liver disease?

5.Do you have  candida or yeast infections that don’t go away?

6. Do you have acne or rosacea?

7.Have you been on long term antibiotics?

8.Are you exposed to metals, chemicals and mercury from your work?

9. Do you suffer from stress, anxiety, sleep disorders?

10. Still smoking?

With the job market as it is today as well as the real estate market decline over the past few years many of us have incurred more stress into our lives than we anticipated. Nine out of ten people a day come into the store complaining of  at least one of the symptoms listed above. Here is what’s important to understand.

Lymphatic system health is the foundation of good immune response. Your lymphatic sytem acts like a secondary circulatory system that flushes waste products from cells and tissues and then carries them to organs of elimination. The valves of the lymph sytem depend depend on breathing and muscle movement to drive them. That is why exercise improves lymphatic circulation so it can remove waste materials that block immune response. The health of your lymphatic system largely depends on the health of your liver. A sluggish liver invariably means a sluggish lymph system.

Some examples of a sluggish lymphatic system are:

You get frequent colds and flu.

You feel sluggish, poor memory and low energy.

You eat a diet high in refined carbs and saturated fats.

You lead a sluggish life.

You use aluminum cookware which stresses the lymph system.

Here are some LYMPH healing protocols:

-Boost nutrients. Protein and B12 deficiency especially effect lymphatic efficiency. Make a lymph builder drink:  1 handful parsley, 1 garlic clove, 5 carrots and 3 celery stalks.. add two tsps of green superfood like spirulina, Kyo- Green. Eat lymph boosting veggies like cabbage ,kale, bell peppers, collards or these fruits:apple, pineapple, berries, and grapes. Drink lemon water first thing in the morning. Avoid coffee, sugar, dairy products and alcohol as they contribute to lymphatic stagnation.

-Optimize liver health: Herbal bitters like tumeric, cardomon and lemon peel regenerate both liver and lymph system. Swedish Bitters, oregon Grape root ,dandelion root tea help the liver.

-Boost lymphocyte formation: Silica  and other trace  minerals.

Cleans lymphatic: Echinacea is one of the best lymph cleansers. Red root and astragalus also support echinacea to cleanse the lymphs.Liquid minerals,, vit c 3000 mg daily, B complex, Vit E and Zinc

Lymph supporting therapies: Energy healing- circulates chi, prana, life force throughout body. Massage therapy, mini trampoline and dry skin brushing.Elevate your feet ten minutes a day and use some essential oils. Cypress is excellent for circulation.

Remember, your stomach is not a refrigerator and be good to your liver daily and you will acheive a longer healthier life.