HOORAY! for Dr. Oz

I am celebrating the time, NOW , that  an M.D. is speaking on national television with his own show promoting integrative health, as a compliment to western medicine. His name is Dr. Mehmet Oz.  His excitement and enthusiasm about educating the general public about ways to improve their lifestyle is just awesome. Dr. Oz carefully researches the topics of discussion on his show with his team of people for efficacy and valid results. His playful and authentic personality pay tribute to his credentials as a surgeon as well as  educator. The following are some of the recommendations Dr. Oz  has offered on his weekly show:

Flax seeds  ( ground)  –  used for Menopause, can put in cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, shakes

Astragalus- promoted to support immune function- a great preventative for colds and flus and can be taken all thru the winter season, as said by Dr. Weill on the show 3/4. Great to take before going on an airplane to travel. Also if a person has just had radiation or chemotherapy.

Ashwaganda- the Ayurvedic herb; an adaptogen which can bring”calm” to a person who is exhausted and can’t sleep.

Black Cohosh-  an herb: suggested dose of 40mg a day for hot flashes  or 20mg twice daily.

Chia seeds- high in Omega 3′s- even more than a nine ounce piece of salmon in just two ounces.

Dr. Oz suggested for the year 2011 that everyone should be taking vitamin D3!!!

Stay tuned for more..