Jyotish, Ayurveda and Your Health

According to the Vedic sciences, Kala or Time is a kind of transitory illusion created solely by our identification and  experience of relativity perceived as location and movement of bodies in space. Now that’s a breathful  to ponder. Thru the process of consciousness identifying with the existence and movement of these separate bindus, points,time takes on “existence”. In Vedic sciences time is measured in a number of ways. One way is thru the movement of breath or prana through your body. It is through certain practices of yoga that we can gain mastery of this subjective time. Thru meditation the breath naturally begins to slow down which is one of the great health benefits of meditation- it’s  antiaging quality. Have you ever seen pictures of some older yogis who have preserved their bodies through yoga and meditated for many years? They still have a childlike quality to their face and expressions, a kind of youthfulness that is not about what we see in magazines as beauty but a softness and joy that makes them look healthy and vibrant no matter what age they are.

For one thing, when you identify yourself with labels or boxes ,as my healing school teacher used to say” this box or that”, we leave out the transcendant quality of time and space . It is the difference of experiencing something as being the ”doer” or the witness of what you are doing . In a nutshell this might mean less stress! It is our relationship “with” what we do and how we perceive a situation that ultimately can cause bad or good health. Therefore it is so important to inquire into our belief systems as they form the notion of time,  space and our experience of life which then translates into our health.This  right here is the future  understanding of medicine; the energy of  what we think and feel is stored in our cells  and organs and creates our physical body. A movement toward this kind of understanding of health is actually happening now as it was once understood byAlbert Einstein with the Theory of Relativity.Did you know every time you meditate you are transforming the quality of your cells into Bliss particles? Bliss, not meaning pleasure, but pure awareness: awareness which transcends time and space- which restores RNA/DNA. Think about it for a moment!  Take a break from the busyness of the mind and consider the source of your thoughts and feelings. That space transcends  the notion of “time” as we think we know it.

Among the Vedic sciences Jyotish really stands out. It is through Jyotish that we can understand the karmic influences that have been set in motion in our soul’s journey from birth through this entire incarnation. We are lucky as human beings in that once we have brought our karmas into conscious awareness, we then have the opportunity to make choices and encourage the outcome of “positive” karmas- until we reach the point of enlightenment where we no longer create karmas.. The Indian saint Amma shared ” What is said in astrology is the result of the actions performed in the past. The fruit of our actions can be obstructed through other actions, dedicated to god. It is just like a stone, which is thrown upwards, that can be caught before it falls down”. What Jyotish teaches us is that once we know the nature of this karma it increases our ability to catch it before it falls down. Jyotish also gives us other tools such as using gems, mantras to assist in the performance of these transforming actions.

For one who practices Ayurveda Jyotish gives the means to read or confirm one’s prakruti, to read the likely progression of the existing health conditions, organs affected, underlying causes of disease. Herbs, cleansing and yoga treatments can be applied to the birth chart. Lifestyle factors affecting the health such as relationship, family and career can be read and remedied with the assitance of Jyotish.

With the birth chart we are given a key that can open the doors or barriers of our karma and move us toward perfect health and vitality on our path toward enlightenment.

Information for this artcle was sourced from “Ayurveda Today” a magazine printed from The Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico   www.ayurvedicinstitute.com