Let Your Own Spring Flower Shine!!

Spring has arrived; how glorious it feels  to be alive at this time of year! Do you agree?

If you have noticed a “spring thaw” going on in your body such as a cold or congestion, this is normal not “sickness”. Just as nature feels the snow melting from the mountains, so our bodies intelligence knows to thaw out and get rid of toxins and congestion. We call this process ‘detoxification” and it happens naturally at the junction of seasons.  This is an essential principle in Ayurvedic medicine, a five thousand year old science that  offers ways to help us balance  the mental, spiritual and phsyical aspects of ourselves so that we can be aligned with our  true nature, our environment, family , relationships and live a purposeful  and joyful life. This element of congestion is known  as “kapha” and her are  a few ways to support your body at this time:

Fasting can be done by drinking warm or room temperature juice, like apple juice or pomegranate, and vegetable broths. This will induce the light quality in the body. One day is a good start then eat lightly after ,only foods you can digest like rice, split mung beans and veggies.Drink only the best water www.ecoflowater.com  

Drink ginger tea  and sip throughout day. This will help remove toxins.

Drink lemon soaked in water overnight- drink upon rising. Best if soaked in a copper cup.

Soak  your body in Epsom Salts- bathwater should be warm not hot and soak until body sweats about twenty minutes.

For your SPIRIT- take action in something new  that you’ve wanted to do and postponed. It’s swimming for me.. can’t wait.

For Your MIND-  Meditate, chant and send loving thoughts to people you know and yourself!! Forgive the past, learn from it and erase that karma and be in the present.