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National Creativity Month: What If I Don’t Feel Like A Creative?

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Dear friends,

It’s a snow day in Atlanta with gusty winds and temperatures below 20 degrees … Brrr! Not what you may have expected living in the South. You might find yourself stuck indoors as I am with finding time to read a book or magazine you’ve had on your coffee table, or maybe rearrange some furniture, straighten out a pile of stuff you’ve had lying around or even hang up some paintings (like I just did).

But Gedalia, what if I don’t feel like a creative?

“Expand your concept of creativity. Creativity embraces far more than painting. You can be creative in the way you cook, dance or decorate your home. Your creative niche may be a craft: knitting, making jewelry, woodworking or scrapbooking.

Life offers us untold opportunities to express our creativity. While I love to set aside time to paint, I look for moments throughout my day to feel creative. It may be the way I choose to dress, the flowers I arrange in a vase or my original twist on a favorite recipe. Or it may be cutting out a picture from a magazine or a phrase that inspires me. Yes, it’s Ok to play!

All of us, professional and amateur, share an impulse to create. Break free from the straight-jacket of creating art only if it makes money.”

Excerpt from my recent book Enough Drugs! I Am A Woman And Can Heal Naturally — a practical guide to feeling your best.

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