I Love the Simplicity

I love the simplicity of Ayurveda. It holds a marvelous combination of practices that align our being in all dimensions with nature, with our environment, with our relationships and with our creative, divine selves.What we now call “integrative health”, Ayurveda is a 5000 year old system of healing science that makes perfect sense for today’s lifestyle. Isn’t everyone looking for more balance? Isn’t everyone looking for more joy? Well the key to Ayurveda is knowing yourself and what is right for you so that you can return to balance on all levels of your being- mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Ayurveda also holds great jewels as a preventative health science.

Simple practices that can easily become part of one’s daily lives include:

RECEIVING MARMA THERAPY- Dr. Lad can’t stress enough the benefits of Marma therapy .He says everyone should receive Marma regularly. It stimulates the body’s inner pharmacy!

Pranayama- Proper breathing

Right foods for your constitution

Ayurvedic herbs to support the body’s healing abilities and for specific imbalances

Drinking Triphala tea to detox the body

Daily Oil Massage


Using Essential oils for the body, mind and spirit and which ones are best for which type.

Understanding from an ayurvedic practicioner how to correct imbalances like anxiety, indigestion, stress, hormone changes, depression, greif, and more.  Even just dealing with the flu and common cold thru Ayurveda is enlightening.It is important to learn to eradicate a condition before it goes deeper.

I look foward to sharing with you on an individual basis the beauty of ayurveda and it’s simplicity for everyday life.


from Pune, Maharashtra, India

Ayurvedic Institute Six Week Program with Dr. Vasant Lad