In The Beginning/The Five Elements

 As I mentioned in the last blog, man is a microcosm of nature; therefore the five elements ,space, air, fire,water, and earth, also exist within each individual. This concept of the five elements is fundamental to Ayurveda and in understanding how we function; not only physically, but our psychological tendencies as well as our five senses.

In the beginning there was space, born from the unified unmanifested Cosmic Consciousness that is the  source of all.

So knowing your prakruti, your constitution at birth is crucial to knowing oneself and how to balance.

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This is an essential beginning and an “AHA” for some things you might be doing that you don’t know why is aggravating your system all the time.

Try to answer the questions based upon how you have been your whole life not necessarily the symptoms you are having now.

Awareness is everything.