Play Safe

Summer is the season for playing, traveling and sunshine. Fun is so important for overall health and well being. But we need to take precautions and be safe during this intensely hot sunny time for our bodies,; internally and externally.

Internally cooling our insides with some “aloe vera juice” , whole leaf,is a prime solution for digestion and absorption. Taking 1/2 oz a few times day will be enough to calm down the internal overheating due to heavy foods from travel, barbequing and overuse of tomatoes.  Let alone the crazy food combining of the summer.. like watermelon and meat.. a definite “no” in holistic health. Save the watermelon to be eaten alone like first thing in the morning for cleansing. Also avoid spicey foods in the summer as Ayurveda recommends as well as ice cold drinks. Think cooling foods like cucumbers, cilantro and add mangos to your food list as they are easy to digest.

Because we sweat alot in the summer it is vital to replace minerals lost thru the skin by drinking water with electrolytes. There are all kinds of electrolyte waters out there.. just make sure you get ones with Zero sugar. I like to make my own by simply adding pink salt also known as Himalayan salt to my water. I add 1/8 tsp to a 16 oz bottle and sip it slowly .  It’s easy and it’s energizing as pink salt has lots of minerals.

If you’re traveling load up with a good probiotic either powdered ,so you can mix it with water, or capsules for easy carrying. This is important as the foods we eat while traveling are not usually the ones we normally eat on a regular basis and the restaurants and eateries are not usually careful about ingredients; especially oils. Unless ofcourse you are traveling to a Spa or yoga retreat where the food is prepared with care and love. The last ingredient, love, is often missed in travel food. However, one thing I always do when Im away is bless and give thanks for my food .. I feel this adds good energy to the food.. Back to the probiotics, they will prepare and protect your gut from strange pathenogens and help line the gut with good bacteria to support your immune system.

Externally,ofcourse wearing sunscreen is a no brainer to protect your skin from burns and peeling. A few minutes of sun is healthy for us a day as it offers the very  essential vitamin we need from the sun.. Vitamin D. But overdoing and tanning…. looks good in the moment but trust me as I’ve seen women who’ve sat in the sun their whole lives and their skin looks like a dried prune. And I’ve also seen women who have NEVER sat in the sun ever like my sisterinlaw and aunt and they have almost flawless skin.. one is 70 and one is 92. So go find a fun hat,  a great pair of sunglasses and collect some fun seashells while your face is out of the sun.

If you can get to ‘hot springs” anywhere in the country go for it. The  healing waters are packed with minerals and pain modulating componenets that just boost our health like nothing else. Whether you have joint pain, digestion pain, stress, or whatever , these healing waters will make you feel great. I like “Calistoga” in the Napa Valley..and don’t forget the mudbaths while you are there.. talk about detoxing..just the best.  The therapeutic benefits on all levels of your being, body, mind and soul will give you just the “play safe” time you need this summer 2012.

So enjoy, enjoy enjoy.

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