May is here- National “MEDITATION ” Month

May is here- National “Meditation” Month!!
April 30th, 2011
Meditation is often scary for some folks as they often say ” I can’t meditate , my mind is too racy and I can’t stop thinking”. Is this true for you? Yes, ofcourse it happens to everyone.If you were to take up running would you expect to run a marathon the first time out? It takes practice yet it’s as natural as sleeping. Just as you close your eyes to sleep every night one can meditate naturally if it is not forced.The mind is like a monkey, thinking, thinking and thinking always moving from here to there. Yet when you practice meditation regularly, which is the key, you begin to reach a place that is beyond the thoughts ;where there’s deep relaxation and peace. It’s almost as if you are swimming in a deep blue ocean and you can see your thoughts floating by.The state of meditation is beyond sleep therefore it has profound benefits on the organs, mind and immune function. It is also a great anti-aging remedy as when you go into those states of the brain waves you are slowing the aging process.
As you sit for meditation it is best to begin with just a few minutes to start. Find a quiet place in your home and make it sacred to you with a candle , cushion or chair and add any sacred objects that are personal to you if you wish. Sitting in the same place each day builds up the energy of this space and will make it more conducive to go within.Allow your spine to be erect but not rigid and sit fully on your sitting bones; allow your thumb and fourfinger to touch or gently place your palms on your lap cupped together. I enjoy using essential oils when I meditate such as frankincense or sandalwood or any scent that pleases you as well as burning incense.Certain smells have an amazing ability to take you inside to a deep restful place. I often practice chanting or repeating a mantra before I meditate as this helps to calm the mind.Hatha Yoga is meant to prepare the body for meditation. You may wish to do a few postures beforehand if you have time.
You may follow the inbreath and the outbreath by feeling the sensations in your nose or just simply watching the breath coming in and out. Or you may gently place your attention in the heart region.As thoughts begin to enter your mind “gently” bring your attention back to the breath or heart.You can increase your practice by one minute a day. Fifteen to thirty minutes two times daily is ideal.There comes a time when you will lose track of time after practicing for awhile. It is so refreshing. It is better than sleep. It is also a great way to develop your intuition and get in touch with your inner thoughts and feelings. The key is to “just do it” without judgement. Even when I have a great meditation the next time may not be the same and that’s ok. With this practice one learns more acceptance, gentleness, patience and compassion.
Life often brings unexpected challenges and the true test of our character is how we meet those challenges. For me, I don’t know what I would have done without this practice during the loss of my parents, brother and other events of my life that happened. With meditation I was able to perceive things from a more grounded and compassionate place for both myself and others. All the practice I had done up until then accumulated in a way that allowed me to stay more calm, centered and connected even though there was great sadness. Through the practice of meditation I also found my creativity. Previously I had never painted. If you would have told me I would be painting I would hardly believe you. The gifts are enormous the benefits tremendous.I highly recommend it to everyone. If you want to improve your health, MEDITATE; if you want to improve your relationships, MEDITATE; if you want to see the gifts in your life; MEDITATE; if you want to appreciate your life, MEDITATE; if you want to open up to your creativity, MEDIATE.
There are many paths of meditation. I practice Siddha Yoga Meditation for the last 23 years and find it natural and full of grace. Deepak Chopra , endocronologist and spiritual teacher teaches transcendental

May is national meditation month. I encourage you to give it a try or if you are already practicing add a minute each day. All the knowledge you need lies within. Like a buried treasure go and find it, when you do it’s truly your best gem!!

Gedaliah Genin PHD. in Natural Health
beneficial to our overall health . As our daily “things to do” list increases, particularly for women as they multitask caring for children and family as well as working , the idea of being regular becomes lucid. Such a simple notion but harder and harder to maintain. The body likes “regularity”. In Ayurveda it says, like the sun and the moon which has it’s daily rythms such is how the human body is created. The concept of regularity does not mean rigid it just means being consistent.This is important to note because many people don’t like the word discipline because they feel it is something rigid . It is not.It means making the choices daily at the right times so the body can know what to expect and function in the way it is intended to.So where there is inconsistency we can look at how we can SUPPLEMENT to enhance our health.It’s a simple common sense approach. The reason I am writing this is because I often see people taking so many supplements and drugs at the same time but are not making lifestyle changes. ex. losing weight , exercising, meditating or doing something for stress relief. For example, a person complaining they can’t sleep because they leave their phone near the bed at night and answers any emails that come in wants a remedy to fix that.Do we really want to add more pills when we can add small changes into our daily lives that can have such a big affect on our overall well being.For that person do you think they need to let go of their work? I would say so.
Did you know the body heals in gradients?? Ask any medical intuitive or enlightened teacher or Chinese medicine practicioner, naturopath,healer,integrative doctor and they will explain this concept. Like the peeling of an onion which you may have heard such is how we can address each of our symptoms.. one step at a time , one layer at a time,one petal at a time I like to image with a common sense and rational approach.
So in a nutshell, this blog is intended to encourage you to be honest with yourself and start recognizing the roots of your condition so that the supplements you take compliment your lifestyle habits. If you don’t understand how your body is functioning see an integrative doctor or naturopath so you can take the right steps at the right time.
At Willner Chemists Atlanta you will find educated people who can help you make the right decisions when it comes to supplementation. We also have a great variety of books to choose from to help you understand topics such as food combining, the use of herbs, detoxification practices and much more.

Some great health articles to read: Vedic Temple consecration in Asheville teaching meditation and energy healing
Linda Page’s Book Healthy Healing A Guide to Self Healing for Everyone by Linda Page PH.D.Traditional Naturopath resource for local organic foods and farms- farm to school programs- excellent source of local events related to healthy eating

Gedaliah Genin/Traditonal Naturopath PH.D./ Energy Medicine
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Recently on Dr. Oz
April 14th, 2011
As you may be aware by now, Dr. Oz, cardiologist, surgeon, from New York hosts his own show on television at 10am and 3pm daily.His objective is to explore different aspects of health and wellness and educate the public so that they can make educated choices based upon current research and efficacy. Each show Dr. Oz brings on specialists in various fields of health such as stress management, herbology, heart health, pain etc. So if you have missed some of the shows this blog is a way to keep you updated on some of the topics of the show that relate to supplements we have at Willner Chemists. These suggestions don’t predicate a visit to your doctor to make the best choice possible.

This past week on Dr. Oz

BEST CURE FOR MIGRAINES- Butterbur suggested dose 75 mg 2x a day
KNEE PAIN – Willow Bark 120mg a day
LOW BACK PAIN – Devil’s Claw 500 mg 1x day

***ARTICHOKE EXTRACT – digest fats, helps liver secrete bile, helps indigestion,helps lower cholesterol,helps relieve IBS.
This is one we often overlook and can be a great remedy for the above conditions.

Have a wonderful Spring Day!

Gedaliah Genin/ Energy Medicine/ Naturopath
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Recent Fascinating Dr. Oz Recommendations
April 8th, 2011
DR. OZ , cardiac surgeon in NY, is speaking publicly on national television in response to some of the public’s most common health concerns and questions. Willner Chemists Atlanta would like to support the health needs of our customers so we have chosen to update you on the current information, in case you’ve missed a show, that Dr. Oz is recommending.

Essential Oils:
PEPPERMINT OIL- to improve mental alertness
ROSE OIL- stimulates memory
ORANGE OIL -decreases anxiety

Fatigue Fighting Foods:
Goji Berries
Amaranth – the grain
Rainbow Trout- full of B12 and omega 3′s( much better than Cod)

Dr. John Gray, relationship coach and author of the recent book Venus on Fire Mars on Ice, reveals that many problems and conflicts in relationships stem from hormonal imbalances that occur for both men and women. He suggested as a solution to many couple’s disagreements to first make sure the woman has eaten some protein and her blood sugar was stabilized.For men to raise their testosterone levels, they need to have down time in their cave before they can be available for their woman. That down time for them actually increases testosterone.He says men actually have a seven day hormone cycle and women as we know a 28 day cycle. You can read more about it in the book .
Here’s a protein smoothie that Dr. Gray recommends before resolving conflicts.
1. A high quality denatured whey protein
2.Maca powder
3.PGX powder
4.Goji Berries
5.Coconut oil
6.Flax seeds
7. Berries and fruits

Even though you might be familiar with these tips, as they say in Ayurveda “knowing” and “doing” are two different things!!

Gedaliah Genin Naturopath Consultant/Energy Medicine
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Dr. Oz
March 31st, 2011

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Pause and Remember
March 30th, 2011
I’ve been really practicing this the last few days , pausing and being present with wherever I am and with whatever I am doing at that moment. In fact I haven’t really had to put effort into making it happen, becoming aware I mean.  Somehow as I am in the busyness of an activity of the day like driving to work, or getting caught up in too much thinking or worrying I have found myself gently moving my attention to being aware of what I am doing or thinking and this feeling of stillness and lightness comes over me. It’s as if my practice of meditation has left the meditation room and come with me.
No complaints here. What a sweet sensation and feeling this has been. It’s as if all activity ceases  and a feeling of remembering being in whatever space I am in  is all there is.

You can actually  practice this too. Just pause and remember yourself, your breath, your body, feeling all of what you are doing.

Years ago I heard a therapist suggest to set your watch alarm every fifteen minutes to get in touch with your feelings. This isn’t as regimented. It’s more like riding the waves in the ocean when you were  kid and when you went over a rough one and  you suddenly got a mouthful of water your head bopped out of the water and suddenly you were more awake then when you started. Remember that feeling? This isn’t as abrupt actually, much more gentle in fact. But the effect of liveliness is similar.

I’ve always had a longing for a quiet life and in the midst of such a busy life in a city this is truly a gift.Not having to go away to experience this but to stay right where I am in my  very own daily life. Perhaps  this is my “spring break”!

Gedaliah Genin ND/Energy Medicine
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