Staggering Nutritional Deficiencies in Our Soil

The age old truth “you are what you eat” became “you are what you absorb”. Meaning what you digest and absorb as nutrients into your bloodstream and convert to nutrition is key.
However when we look more carefully at our food system today we find staggering information of the mismanagement of our soil and intensive farming methods that have created such poor food quality. As a result” nutritional supplements are not a luxury but the bread and butter of robust good health.” ( What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You Magazine) December 2002.The article is at this link written is 2002 describes the phenomenon we are faced with and the great importance of choosing your supplements wisely to compensate for the lack of nutrients we get from our soil and food. And who knows how much we actually absorb unless we look at how we feel after we eat something. If we feel sluggish, bloated or our emotions seem unbalanced fifteen minutes to a half hour after we eat that is a sure sign of either food allergies, poor digestion, lack of absorption or a number of other things.Inflammatory conditions today such as arthritis, auto immune disease, heart disease and more all begin with inflammation all resulting from undigested food. Our culture in America swings from the fast food group to the more upper middle class who eat many rich foods that cannot be digested well either and cause havoc on our digestive and immune systems.

So my point is, food supplementing is key. They are no longer just an insurance policy.