Pune Pilgrimage

Just celebrated  “Diwali” here.. the festival of lights. Lights everywhere.. rongolis ( sand art) on the streets and firecrackers all through the night.. so Happy Vedic New Year!!

We all went to our teacher’s home for an amazing “laxmi puja” on Diwali after we came back from the farm. What a special experience.. I will always remember. We all dressed up and our teacher chanted the vedic mantras for this auspicious puja in his meditation room.. there was Ganesh.. at least 50 of them in all shapes sizes and colors and one big one in the middle.. there was a standing Saraswati adorned with garlands of orange mums.. and ofcourse Laxmi.. surrounded by Indian sweets , rice and kumkum. It was also one of the students birthday.. and we all went up to her and put rice on her crown chakra one by one as our teacher suggested we do.

Then we went outside for fireworks. Our teacher had two men light a bunch. It felt like July 4th, Christmas and New Years all in one. Then we ate the sweets blessed at the puja. Yummy mango, pistachio and almond treats. What a night. It was great! Diwali in India!!!

So hope you are all well and will talk again soon.