Pune continued

The farm days are my favorite here so far. Just riding out in a bus from the city to the country is a thrill since pollution and traffic in Pune is quite on the up and up.

The greenery and open land is a joy to see. On the way out of the city we see the street vendors selling rugs, pillows, lamps and festive ornaments for Diwali. People everywhere are diligently preparing for this holiday .. from clothing to food to decorations to puja items. The streets are bustling with crowds . Colorful lights are displayed at the vendors along with glittery ornaments , sweets and statues of deities.

The day at the farm starts with an Ayurvedic lecture for two hours. Very practical topics with causes and treatments for common ailments. I sit as a student in amazement that I am learning in this way.. in an authentic Gurukula.. Master to student.. revealing ancient teachings that will carry on for eternity. And of course the best part is when the teacher tells personal stories and we all laugh or marvel at what we’ve heard.

Lunch is most special there. Today was Kitchari, beet raita, cooked cabbage with spices, sprouted beans with a great sauce, ghee, and homemade chapatis from the wheat grown at the farm. Great company great food and a peaceful time. Rest after lunch then villagers come in for clinic with the doctor. Today there were many children who came. One of them sat with me and watched as each person got their diagnosis and medicine. She was 14 yrs old she said.. she looked much younger.. a beautiful, poised, confident young girl with brightness in her eyes. She sat right next to me marveling at my cell phone and how it took pictures. Her energy was a joy and a gift to me and to all of us in the class. She was quite clever.. she wrote her name in my notebook and took notes on the medicines that the doctor was recommending in my book in the hindi language. There was something so special about our interaction.. something I will never forget. Although our lives were so completely different our hearts connected so easily and effortlessly. It’s hard to write about  .. I just know it transformed me .

We got to take pictures of doctor and patient in this amazing setting.

Such love and gratitude poured out of the villagers who came and finally knew they had received some relief for their ailments.. skin rashes and lesions from being in the hot sun, kidney stones, backaches, coughs and colds.

Then we were served the most delicious chai..

Then the drive back to the city.. cows pulling carts, goats in the road.

It’s a different culture ENTIRELY..

talk soon,