Pune Pilgrimage -cont’d

Today was a special day. Memories in my heart and mind I know I will never forget. Starting with the beautiful bus ride from the city to the countryside I was very happy to see open space, trees , farms and people working in the fields.

We headed east from Pune for the day, all fifteen of us in a minibus.. a first example of many more Tuesdays and thursdays that will hold a special magic.

Learning Ayurveda in this setting was amazing.. a small stucco house on acres of land which had wheat fields, bananas.. (and I could not see what was beyond that).  Had  a lecture in the morning on some very common diseases and their causes and remedies according to Ayurveda.. fascinating. We ate chapatis for lunch from the wheat grown in the field and the ghee was freshly prepared from the cow’s milk outside. Such an authentic experience in all ways – so  refreshing after the business of the city. It was so peaceful there.

On our break I saw some women walking in the fields and they soon approached the house. I had my “i phone” out and they stopped with a knowing that I wanted to take a picture.. it was so sweet.. one of the women took her wrap off from her head preparing herself for the picture.. then she smiled when she was ready and motioned to go ahead..in that moment i realized we are all the same whether in the city or out in the countryside of India.. then she wanted to see the picture.. so i showed them..they laughed and walked on to finish their work. Their saris blowing in the wind with bright colors.

There was a small Ayurvedic pharmacy in the house for the villagers to get their medicine. Everyone was treated with love, respect and compassion. As students we got to help prepare the herbs when their consult was over. Today was my turn and I loved the experience. We got to drink Ayurvedic herbal wine which was prepared specially for us to boost our immune system. Was great to be able to witness ” the real ayurveda” with herbs and formulas not made yet in the US.

After the villagers left we were served chai tea. We received a lecture and demo on the study of the eyes and also reading pulse.

When  I looked around for a moment I felt like I went back in time.. sitting with the master.. feeling honored being the student.. learning in this way in a true “Gurukula” fashion.

I’m surrounded by kind and loving students and the love of the teacher for all of us which he shares so readily and personally.

Tonight there is ‘optional clinic” in the city office with the teacher.. but feel too tired to venture out in the taxi.. Just an evening to absorb and take in what has happened today feels like the thing to do..

There’s a certain tiredness we are all experiencing after  the day.. a fulfilling feeling yet exhausted from the physical challenges of sitting, driving etc. So rest is key.

Good night and we will talk again soon.