Remedies Beneficial for Airplane Travel- Safe and Effective

If you are like me and enjoy traveling but fret getting on an airplane, here are some Safe and Effective remedies for pre travel, during travel and aprez travel.

For starters, before taking a long airplane trip Rescue Remedy by Bach is a gentle and effective calming liquid ( which comes in less than 4oz size for airplane security). Made from the essences of flowers, rescue remedy is both safe for humans , adults and children. One can immediately feel the calming effects and not have to wait like some homeopathic remedies. It can address anxiety, tension, nervousness and uneasiness about traveling. I have both personally and professionally used it for over 25 years. It’s a must in the home health kit and cosmetic pouch. I’ve  also used it countless times in situations when other people might need some as well. Just take a dropperful under the tongue several times a day or as needed.Kids respond so well to Rescue Remedy. I gave it to our sheepdog when we moved cross country when  he was in the baggage pit in his crate on an airplane.

Hyland’s Jet Lag Homeopathic tabs or Kin Bio Jet Lag spray are both efficient in easing jet lag particularly when traveling to different time zones. Best to start either of these a day or two before traveling and also while on an airplane as well as a day after you reach your destination. Just a few sprays under the tongue every few hours will help.

Melatonin is the perfect remedy for sleeping on an airplane as well as time zone differences. It comes in a travel size liquid , tablets or sublingual tabs.

For aprez travel ;some good yoga postures that help with jet lag are shavasana- corpse pose, and lying on the floor throwing your feet over the top of the bed ( your body like an L shape allowing the blood to recirculate and the nervous system to calm down. Try a few standing poses to ground your energy.

I like to travel with some Smoothe Move Tea or extra fiber caps as traveling  can often  be constipating. Continuing your Triphala supplement from Ayurveda is great as we often eat more rich and heavy foods when we travel and Triphala will help to cleanse the colon as well as keep the bowels regular.

You don’t want any unsafe microbials in your water.. especially over the border!!