Supporting Good Health for College Students

If you have kids and are already sending them to public school , I am sure you have become aware of some of the challenges we face in school from the water supply to the foods served in cafeterias.  If you’ve been  blessed to have chosen one of the schools in the country that have implemented Alice Waters program in the cafeteria where you have fresh farm cooked foods you may face less concerns .

Another school alternative,  Waldorf schools,  some which have working farms on the premises are simply a delight, originating from Europe, enrich children at a young age the value of being nourished healthfully and the joy of learning how to grow and harvest food. Our first son had this opportunity when we lived in California and as a college graduate today  he shops and cooks from the farmer’s market and works on many projects which collaborate art , food and farming into the community. I am happy to see  that what he lived payed off.

In all these scenarios the need for supplementation may  still be there as we are all faced with hundreds more chemicals in our environment than we had fifty years ago, depleted soils and endangered fish. Not all schools are using local produce in their cafeterias  and  of course viruses are still contagious. The good news is, the more we can support and prepare the inner terrain and environment of our bodies, including our mind and our souls the better we can face and build our immunity to the oncoming stress.

Having a son who is going to college shortly, I’ve been  recently sharing with some of his friends Mom’s the following things that   a student can take while in college. Here they are, simple and effective.

Of course a good multi vitamin for starters ,  food based such as Garden of Life or New Chapter; a probiotic that does not need refrigeration, fish oil with a good amount of DHA such as Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega, a good protein shake made from whey or rice for morning meals on the go.. such as Jarrow Muscle Builders whey protein or Life Basics rice protein. This is very important because kids like to grab things quickly and eat them.. protein powder can be mixed in a blender bottle with regular milk, almond milk juice or water. For a month before flu season start the Wellness Formula by Source Naturals or simply take echinacea as it works the best when taken ahead of time before a flu or cold can come on. I am sending my son to college with an aromatherapy diffuser.. diffusing oils with a cool air mist such as Wyndmere’s nebulizer will help to eliminate mold, bacteria and viruses from living in the air. One of our first lines of defense for our kids growing up were essential oils; peppermint for fever and also to promote alertness in school, lavender on the feet before bedtime, lemon in the air and in the water for detoxifying and killing germs. My son’s friends think this is so cool.. whenever they come over they are enamored by the smells in our home..

I also recommend having Kyolic garlic  for students to take if they start feeling sick as garlic acts a natural antibiotic and most often kids illnesses are viral in nature. Always first get checked by your doctor then decide on the appropriate protocol. Cod liver oil for good skin and perfect ratio of vitamin A and D.

For kids who stay up late and can’t fall asleep liquid melatonin works well before bedtime.

Kids enjoy eating local honey and keeping a good supply all year around helps with allergies.