Natural Pain Killers vs. Addictions

Astounding reports regarding the use of medication pain killers in our country is becoming a tsunami not an epidemic; so stated on the Dr. Oz show by an addiction specialist this past week. Pill parlors are opening around the country next door to nail salons labeled as chronic pain management stores only to be selling pain pills at sometimes $80 a pop. I don’t now about you, but I have children and I make sure I share this information with my kids, although they think I am paranoid at times, they still have to be aware of what’s going on in the  world of pharmaceutical drugs not being sold in the right place.The sad news is, that even sold in the right place pain pills can be addicting and when the patient finishes their round of prescriptions they already may be an addict at that point needing to seek out these places that sell the drugs illegally. What is going on in our country with people and their relationship to pain? Do we have to take a drug every time we have a symptom? Are we too weak to face what’s going on? I could write more about this. I will in a book soon. Anyway, for more news about that you can visit

On the upside, here were few “pain recommendations” from the natural world that were shared.

For headaches and headache prevention as well as joint pain: SAM-e  ( always check with your pharmacist if you are on other prescription drugs).

Glucosamine Chondroitin- Joint pain

Lower back pain- use a pillow or towel rolled up in the lumbar spine when sitting at the computer or driving your car.

Acupuncture  for inflammation

I will add “energy healing” to this mix as when your river of energy is flowing freely in your body, dis-ease is unblocked and the natural chi in your body begins to heal itself. Mental, emotional, stress, hormones and other things can cause blocks of energy in our being. Sometimes it’s not conscious; sometimes it’s something from the past we are  storing in our bodies. All our memories and experiences are stored in the body,  even in different organs . I use various hands on healing modalities in my practice at an integrative doctor’s office to “unblock” what may be keeping a person from getting well. The physical body is the last place it shows up. It starts first with our thoughts and feelings that create vibrations and patterns. Like an in strument that needs to be tuned up, such is the benefit of great energy work that frees up the physiology so you can make the right choices for yourself. Our power to heal lies within each of us. We need to be at rest and our energy to be flowing freely to feel that vibrant health we all want .Bandaiding symptoms will only cost you more  money in the end; finding the cause of why you are not healing is key!