Stress- How to Support The Body Naturally

Whether you are commuting every day to work, feeling financial stress, overworked  and can’t relax, stress can take it’s toll on different organs in the body. Particularly the adrenals the small glands above the kidneys in the back of the body. One of the first signs of adrenal burnout is deep fatigue,exhaustion. The kind of fatigue that doesn’t go away even from a good night’s sleep. Other kinds of stress like job related stress that I hear from people causes them to overeat is also included as well as worry and anxiety.

Let’s break it down into body , mind and soul. In this way I will share with you some of the practices that I’ve incorporated into my life as well as share with clients on a daily basis.

Today let’s begin with the body.

For the body:

B vitamins- B100 from Blue Bonnett is an excellent support for stress as it contains all the B’s in 100 mgs. B vitamins are the first to be depleted in the body under stress as they are water soluble and wash out the quickest even if you are taking a multi vitamin.


Royal Jelly- a B vitamin superfood- I love this for women in the honey form as it also acts as a great anti-aging remedy. After all the “queen bee’ lives the longest in the hive and this is what she eats! Great for the skin and replenishing energy. I like to eat it 1/2 tsp as a sweet after a meal 2x day. It should not be heated or used in a tea just eaten alone out of the jar.

Adrenal Support- Herbs and Bovine Extract

Ashwaganda, Rhodiola, Holy Basil , Licorice Root-  a combination in Ortho Molecular products; Adren-All

Hatha Yoga Postures-

Viparita Karani- The mother of all poses, it is said in Hatha Yoga. This is a “restorative” pose. It replenishes energy within five minutes or so. You sit against a wall and put your feet an legs up the wall and your back on the floor- in an L shape. The blood flow returns to the heart and recirculates in this way. Do not do with High blood pressure .

Natural Calming Remedies:

Valerian Root for worry or unable to sleep

Lemon Balm 300-5oomg daily for fear or anxiety

Passion Flower for nervousness, dry mouth= 1tsp herb drink 3x daily

Calm- magnesium drink before bedtime

Essential oils- wearing essential oils is a powerful way to relieve stress and also get oxygenating benefits to our bodies. Dis-ease is the loss of oxygen so why not wear these gifts from nature to uplift ourselves? The Egyptians did and they were first medicine known to man.

Some good ones are, Lavender, Chamomile, orange oil, tangerine, rose. Go with the scent that appeals to you – allow your intuition to lead the way.

I love to use an aromatherapy nebulizer in my home and practice with energy healing. Scents have a powerful effect on the limbic part of the brain which controls emotions and many other bodily functions like the hormones. So let yourself breathe them in- simple. Just plug it in while your washing dishes or preparing dinner.

Essential oils  are also anti-viral, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-parasitic so they make a great preventative practice and they are so enjoyable. You can’t go wrong choosing one.

Taking a DEEP breath oxygenates the body and brings us back to the present moment. In this way we can access how we are feeling and make a conscious decision to let go of what we can’t control.

This is powerful and relieves so much stress as so much of the worry are things we can’t control anyway. So doing what’s best for now and today is liberating.

Get a massage, do some tai chi- dance, paint, watch the birds.. do these things that you love for ten minutes a day.. I just got a hoolahoop for the summer!!Go to see a funny movie! Enjoy each day as a gift.