The Sense of Wonder

To stop and smell the roses so to speak is really so important when it comes to health. I recently took a trip for just that to Botanical Gardens in Atlanta and meandered by myself through paths of seasonal flowers, perennials, annuals, climbing ones, short ones tall ones and lily ponds and of course rose gardens.

There was even a new section with edible flowers and wall gardens. I spent about an hour and a half enveloped by a magnificent sense of wonder inside for what i was seeing on the outside. I sat comfortably on a swinging bench in awe of the beauty, the perfection, and  feeling the gratitude that this place is available to us to visit so easily when we turn ourselves to it. Both the physical place as well as the internal space. A sense of wonder is what I needed to feel, inspired and renewed  as I move through some transition in my life.

In the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, she describes the importance of taking yourself on an artist’s date at least once a week for two hours. Some place alone that when you are there feels therapeutic for you. It could be a furniture store, a clock store, an art supply store or a garden. Anything that will inspire the artist within who she describes is really like a child; always in a sense of wonder.

I invite you to take the time each day to be in a sense of wonder over something.. a sunset, the moon, the sky..  your life itself;just look around and you will find the beauty that is already there; that just”is”.

This is definitely good for your health; for the body , mind and soul!! Go for it.