Financial Health- A Worthy Practice

The great television educator  and talk show host Suzie Orman says repeatedly   “People First, Then Money, Then Things”. Another powerful teaching she shares is ” You have to face it to erase it”! Such  wise and concise messages she is giving us here. The “people” word doesn’t mean just others it includes oneself; which I will talk about later on.

I took this to heart a few years back when my husband and I were faced with some financial challenges. I had always put money and things first, still devoted and lovingly caring for my family but climbing some ficticious financial ladder was on our ” hard drive “so to speak.Accumulating properties, collectibles , having a great basement, and such was of importance.After several losses in my family and some financial losses  I can look back now and share with you some things that sustained our lives and our health and took us to the other side. A place where our relationship comes first. I mean husband and wife being on the SAME page with decisions. A place where there is harmony, and love flowing which attracts positive and supportive energy.. which attracts money. I can say firsthand from my experiences that if I had not been prepared all the years prior through our practice of meditation I know that our marriage,  would have collapsed. Our health took it’s toll on the adrenals and liver which i will share some tips about later. And best of all I realized who is there for me in my life; my beloved husband, my friend.

Step 1. I purchased a  large calender that i put in front of my computer and listed daily all the bills i had on the day they were due for the entire month .I also made an excel budget sheet on my computer with fixed and variable expenses. We opened eight bank accounts listed in t he Millionaire Mind Book and kept separate accounts for education, debt, bills, kids accounts,savings, emergency fund, play money, charity, and long term savings.This fulfilled the “erase it”and  “face it” piece that Suzie spoke about. It took time , but letting go of credit cards and paying cash for everything became our way of living—stress free, the result!!

Step 2. We watched the film ” The Secret” over and again to begin to put ourselves in that “good feeling” place where you can daydream and visualize what you wish to create.  The good feeling action for meis painting, looking at the birds, walking in nature, cooking.

Step3. The most crucial step is that we visited our meditation center weekly to stay connected to a place inside ourselves that was not about all the external events. We cultivated this inner place of strength, faith, and trust through our daily practice of meditation, prayer and chanting.It became reaL  and palpable little by little .

Some health challenges we faced were sleeplessness,fatigue and adrenal burnout. As we plowed through worry and fear to trust and abundance from within, here are a few supplements that we used faithfully to support our physical health:

Calm by Natural Vitality, Deep Sleep, Glandular adrenal supplement  a food based multi- Vitamin Code for Men and Women.We shopped the farmers market once a week to get only fresh and organic foods.

My husband and I walked every day together and still do, we do a “nurturing meditation” every day together, and we end conflict immediately after it begins.

If you are doubting and wondering how you are going to make it through you’re financial stress , take to heart what I have shared. Get your priorities straight before a catastrophe happens, practice connecting spiritually with yourself and the creator, heal your relationship with yourself and you’re personal joy, heal you’re relationship with you’re spouse; it’s the beginning of everything and most important for you and your health and you’re kids and find the good that you already have!! You will find you have everything you need and with this comes profound gratitude for you’re life; and from this comes a profound sense of wanting to serve.