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Sample Spring Menu

Gedalia’s Weekly Holistic Tips

Dear friends,

Welcome to my weekly holistic tips blog. A special welcome to newcomers.

Spring is time for new beginnings and planting the seeds of good health
for the coming year. In spring, accumulated wastes, mucus and toxins in
the body become loosened by the warmer weather resulting in spring
colds, flu, hay fever, allergies and digestive imbalances. In Ayurveda
this is known as “kapha”- earth and water element.

Moving from the heavier foods in winter to the lighter foods in spring
takes some transition time for the body. It might be easier to shed the
heavy clothing more readily than focusing on eating lighter foods as the
weather transitions.
With so much conflicting information as to what to eat, a good first step
could be to eat for the season as Ayurveda’s natural approach promotes.
Here are some simple ways to begin making the change to reduce
excess mucus and “kapha”:

                          Sample Spring Menu 
Breakfast Examples:
1.Crispy granola with berries and almond milk
2.Grapefruit with honey- Rye toast Fresh apple, beet and carrot
3.Low fat yogurt mixed with honey, raisins, papaya, apples and
pumpkin seeds- fresh apple juice
4. Grits- Raw apples and pears- fresh carrot juice
5. Barley cereal with apples and raisins- fresh grapefruit juice
6.Corn bread or rye toast- mixed berries
7. Quinoa or buckwheat pancakes with berries

Lunch Examples:
1.Vegetable Barley soup- Baked beans and rice or grilled chicken
breast with cup of soup
2.Mixed greens salad with garbanzo beans or broiled salmon or
trout- use cayenne, cumin, turmeric, ginger to spice.
3. Spinach salad with sliced mushrooms- Filet of sole or flounder
or Indian style beans and rice( long grain).
4.Pesto pasta- or baked turkey with potatoes and snow peas
5.Stuffed bell peppers with quinoa- alfalfa and mung bean sprout
salad or baked fish
6. Chicken breast with spinach salad and sprouts( flax oil dressing).

Supper Examples:
1. Split pea soup with barley, carrots, celery and onions-
toasted rye bread
2. Cream of spinach soup- cornbread
3. Garbanzo soup with asparagus, parsley and rye
4. Corn chowder with corn bread
5. Vegetarian chili with corn bread
6. Lentil burgers with cooked beets

If you are not a cook, the Whole Foods hot and salad bar has many of these choices.
Bob’s Red Mill brand has a good cornbread mix that I like to make. I use grape seed oil or ghee in the recipe.

Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

warm regards,