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Eight Daily Rituals in an Ayurvedic Day

Dear friends,


Regularity is necessary to bring about change in body, mind
and consciousness. A daily routine helps to establish balance in
one’s constitution.However for most of us having a rigid schedule is not appealing. Rather than think of the following suggestions as ” have to’s” consider them to be daily rituals that will enhance the quality of your day and ultimately your life. These suggestions may be adjusted to your lifestyle. For example if you have young children and they wake you up early you might do your meditation in the afternoon or when they nap or go to school. The idea is to be flexible.Not everyone likes oil pulling so feel free to skip it.
The way we “get out of the gate” so to speak has a huge impact on all levels of our being- body, mind and spirit.I hope you enjoy the beauty of these rituals.

1. Wake Up Early in the Morning- It is good to wake up at
2. Wash your face and rinse your mouth.
3. Drink a glass of water room temperature then sit on the
toilet and have a bowel movement. Water can be soaked
overnight in copper cup.
4. Use a soft toothbrush to clean your teeth and then
scrape your tongue.
5. Gargling with sesame oil helps to improve the gums,
reduce wrinkles and improve the voice. Swish oil in the
mouth for a few minutes then spit out.
6. Pranayama breathing- 12 alternate nostril breaths for Vata- 16
cooling breaths for Pitta- 100 bastrika for kapha
7. Exercise Vata- sun salutation Pitta moon salutation
Kapha- sun salutation rapidly
8. Meditation repeat “So- Hum”

If you are not familiar with pranayama breathing you can watch a you tube with Vasant Lad teaching pranayama.https://www.ayurveda.com/videostream/?vid=pranayama-breath-control-for-balance-and-longevity-id-78-part-1&col=yellow

sun salutations video  https://www.google.com/search?q=sun+salutations+video&rlz=1CARAWP_enUS821&oq=sun+salutations+video&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l3.4729j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

moon salutations video https://www.yogajournal.com/videos/moon-shine

It’s always best to practice yoga from a qualified teacher.
These are some reputable studios in the area:
Springs Yoga- Roswell ( across from Cafe Vendome)
Vista Yoga- Off La Vista near Clairmont
Inner Smile Yoga where you can receive private lessons from Teresa Owen or take her classes

warm regards,