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The Value of Energy Healing Is Immense

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Great news everyone. I’ve got new locations to serve you.
Both very comfortable and nice looking spaces for energy healingAyurveda. Buckhead office is with a cranial sacral therapist and Marietta is with a wonderful skin care specialist.
Marietta- Saturdays @ Advanced Skin Care 711 Canton Rd Marietta suite 400B
Buckhead- Mondays@ AcuWellness 550 Phar Rd suite 410 Buckhead

Please email me for appts or call/text  678-357-3443
Hope to see you there.

When you bump yourself your body bruises with a black and blue mark. When you get stung your body swells. But what actually happens when you feel grief, hopelessness, depression, trauma, pensiveness, loss? Where do these feelings go? You may feel a heartache, loss of appetite, pit in the stomach, apathy, lethargy, depression, fatigue but is the bruise “swelling” somewhere?

From an energy medicine perspective both in TCM and Ayurveda negative emotions can get stored as deep as the tissues, in the organs and anywhere in the body for that matter.
The symptom, however, might not show up immediately as a blue colored bruise. You may think you’ve moved on but later on, find yourself with headaches, back pain, digestive issues, weight gain, fatigue, inflammation, anxiety and even sleep deprivation. 
For this reason, in my Naturopathic training, I chose to work with energy healing where “energy” is the medicine. I found over the years that the value of energy healing for women is immense.
Energy healing assists the body to clear the negative emotions and blocks that get stored in the ” chakras”. These chakras are like “energy stations” running along the front and back of the body correlated with a mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of particular organs and systems. Chakras been described and pictured in many spiritual traditions and can be seen and felt by gifted healers. they are located in the “electromagnetic field” of the body, the layer between body and mind. Not clearing the chakras would be like cleaning a house and shoving the dust underneath the couch.
The healer stimulates the body’s own innate self correcting energy; Some call it prana, chi or ki but it is all the same. This river of energy unblocks what is in the way like a river that flows over rocks.
A person can feel lighter, more grounded, feel inner peace, regain perspective, energy, and vitality.

To learn more about how energy healing can benefit you and your family read  Natural Awakenings April issue in Atlanta.
I was interviewed along with several other selected healers in Atlanta

If you haven’t received Marma in some time I encourage you to start the new season of Spring fully tuned up and ready to rock!

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