Seven Benefits of Power Napping

Power naps are great because you won’t experience any sluggish or drowsy feelings after waking. This is because you do not enter any deep sleep during this brief time. Research suggests, a brief, early-to-mid-afternoon nap provides the greatest rejuvenation when compared to naps at any other time of the day.
How novel for us to think of a nap when there is so much to do.

Did you know that Fatigue is a common reason for seeking medical care and a source of considerable economic burden .The prevalence of fatigue in the general population has been reported to range from 7% to 45% ; a recent study found that 38% of US workers reported being fatigued .

We are an exhausted society, with burnt out adrenals, chronic fatigue, insomnia and over stimulated from screen time. Sound familiar.

What are you going to do? Continue to invest in adrenal supplements without addressing the cause?
We are told to ” listen to our bodies”… do we? When we are tired do we take a nap or get some coffee?

My new practice.. an afternoon rest. I actually did this religiously when my kids were young before they came home from school. It gave me the energy for all the nighttime duties.

I am now going back to what worked for me and what other cultures do in the afternoon to reboot their energy ;a power nap. It’s simply ten minutes with no phones with feet up.This simple “pause” has the following benefits:
7 surprising benefits of an afternoon nap

  • Provides a memory boost. …
  • Lowers blood pressure. …
  • Calms your nerves. …
  • Improves alertness. …
  • Enhances creativity. …
  • Boosts willpower. …
  • It’s better than coffee..

This type of nap will not interfere with your sleep .The trick is to keep them short, recommends the Mayo clinic.

Gotta go… time for my nap.


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